lots of Lucy

Sorry for the tons of pictures. This post is definitely about Lucy. She turns 2 this coming Friday on 2/22. So we decided to celebrate early and went to Disneyland! I've been debating if we should buy Annual Passes. And since my siblings and many friends have them....we decided it was time (esp since Lucy is free for one more year). After waiting in line to park the car, line for the tram, line for our tickets, line to take our pictures, line to get into the park, phew....we were there! Lucy had fun!
Mostly, she loved running free throughout the theme park:
Casey took her on a ride and she liked it. Then I took her on this mini teacups ride in Bug's world and her face says it all: very unsure about it. She did NOT like the spinning around and didn't want any more rides after that.
But she loved playing in the water area (good thing we brought extra clothes) and she loved running around Toon Town:
Her favorite part of the day was on our way out...a small band of horns was playing near the firestation. Chip and Dale chipmunks came out and danced and she jumped along with them to the music:

The whole day was a success! Owen was an angel and slept most of the time. We even got lunch after and the kids were pleasant. Here we are back at the house. I love that Owen is the only one really smiling in this picture:
And since Lucy didn't jump enough during the day, she decided to try it in the bathtub too. I'm just waiting for her to slip and fall:

On Sunday we went down to my parent's house to celebrate two birthdays: Lucy and my sister Meredith. Mere turned 18 on Feb 12th. And she recently found out she's accepted to BYU Idaho this coming year. We're super excited for her!
Here's Lucy, the almost 2 year old:
I made them mini red velvet heart cakes.
For Meredith: Text Me and for Lucy: I Love Milk. Seriously.
She opened presents and kinda enjoyed pulling the paper off. Of course, she didn't always want to open the next one because she wanted to play with the cool thing she just opened. Since she's way into coloring right now, she carried around the crayons that Eric and Laura gave her all night.
I love this picture. She looks so old. She's having a moment, smiling at the cake, while everyone sings. What a cute little joe:
Blowing out the blown out candles:
The whole group:
I told Casey that coloring is a great skill because no matter how old you are, it's always interesting. And here's the proof. Grandpa Suman, the artist, had just as much fun with the coloring book as the little kids did (and his pages looked much better than Lucy's):
Two old friends: Papa and Old Man Owen. It's really cute how much my dad loves holding the babies.
And just for kicks...hat time. Our cousin Colin is serving a mission in Belize and an investigator made him this hat. So he sent it to Meredith for her birthday. We all took turns trying it on...and acting stupid.
Lucy really got to live it up for her birthday celebration and didn't go to bed till 10:30! And she seriously went NON stop until then, pure Energizer Bunny. She jumped and jumped on the ground, on the ottoman, on the couch and then she jumped some more. And Meredith taught her a new skill....beat boxing. She had no idea what we were doing, but she tried it too. She even covered her mouth as the spit went flying. Here she is jumping and beat boxing, with her J. Lo hat:

Fun Birthday weekend with our little girl. I'll have to post an official 2-year-old picture on Friday.


the bates motel said...

cute little lucy! sounds like you guys had a lot of fun over the weekend! i'm glad you got dland passes too! we are planning on going there when we come out next mo! and i love that lucy is STILL takin a bath inside that box thing! too funny! can't believe she's almost 2 it seems like yesterday we visited you in the hospital when she was born! such a cute little personality!

dietcokegrrl said...

Disneyland looks like it was fun despite not going on many rides. That's when it's nice to have the passes, so you don't feel like you wasted your money just walking around.

Almost 2!!! So hard to believe!

Great post!

Suman Family said...

Lucy was so wild last night. All hyped up, it was cute but according to your videos it looks like she is like that all the time. ha ha!

The Hyer Family said...

Do you bathe her in a bin? How funny! Guess it saves water! Great post...so much fun.

Nicole Willard said...

Fun, cute pictures!!! Lucy does look so big and she just seems like so much fun! We will have to go to Disneyland together sometime. Jeff & I are using our passes and going for our Anniversary when we come out there for the weekend, we are NOT bringing the girls though, we want it to be us. Harshm maybe, but they will go PLENTY this year with family and friends.

I LOVE the hat pictures. So funny!

Congrats to Meredith on her acceptance to BYU-Idaho, that is great!

Shelley said...

Lucy looks so cute. I can't believe that she's 2. Have fun at Disneyland for the next year. That place wears me out-- Anthon loved it (the 2nd time around) but I still left with a headache!! I guess I'm getting to old and crotchety!!

The Facks of Life said...

What a lucky little girl! She looks like she had a blast. Could she be any cutter? I think not. You're probably totally worn out by now, haha! Love that everyone shared in the fun with the pink J Lo hat!