The Weekend

I'm back on the information superhighway! Welcome home little Willard iMac. She's a healthy computer now. And to be honest, I did get a lot more done around the house while the kids were napping (of course, having Casey's laptop at night made the whole experience more than doable.)

Since I'm back to wasting time on the computer, here's what we were up to this past weekend:

On Friday, we went to the toys at the Burbank mall. We mix it up, going to different malls so Lucy doesn't get so bored (okay, so I don't get bored either). Along with dancing and talking on cell phones, Lucy LOVES to jump. She will jump around the house all day. Here's what she looks like (she also likes to say "cheese" to the camera):

At this mall they have a cool human-size chess board and pieces. Lucy loved it!
The pieces were as big as her, but she picked them up and moved them around. I finally took off her sweater when I realized she was sweating (nice workout). She spent most of the time organizing the pawns in a row (and jumping around).
On Saturday, my parents stopped by for a visit. They were on a weekend vacation....from Orange County. Nice! What better way to see all the LA sites you never have time for because you spend half the day driving to and from Orange County.
Gram and Papa with the kids:
Now that daylight lasts till 5:30pm (woohoo!) we headed to the park for swings and slides. Beanie time:
On Sunday, we had dinner at Casey's parents house. It had rained all during the day, but as we drove the 210 freeway, the sun came out and the hills were just gorgeous. I've never seen them this green:
Lucy's new obsession is coloring. We've had crayons for about a year and whenever we tried to color with her, all she wanted to do was organize the crayons. Take them out of the package and put them back in. Well, she finally caught the whole vision and this past Sunday, she colored her Curious George coloring book for a complete hour in Sacrament Meeting. In fact, when church was over, she wouldn't leave the chapel! She threw a tantrum when we put her coloring book away. Milk was the only thing to lure her from the room.
When we got to Parry and Linda's house, Lucy saw her coloring book in my bag and that's all she wanted to do. So we set up a table just her size and she colored for about 2 hours:
She wasn't too cooperative with taking pictures:
But Owen was a perfect gentleman:
Great weekend and I'm glad the sun is back and shining for the whole week!
"I looooove L.A."


Connie said...

That picture of Owen and Parry is so precious!

Suman Family said...

cute pics. looks like a fun weekend. two things ava is working hard at is learning to jump and color. the video is rad. lucy is quite the jumper. i love that you have malls with toys close by. and i agree with the other commenter, such a sweet pic of owen and parry. oh and sidenote-i don't think i will have the new reprinted books by the 17th and i will have already sent the old ones back. maybe one of these days i should just drive up and visit you guys...

the bates motel said...

sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! i like the looks of that mall too :)! and how great that lucy likes to color! man carter will do it for like 2 min and then he's over it!

Nicole Willard said...

Cute pictures of the kiddies with grandpa & grandma. Love Lucy junping everywhere, so cute!!

Mark said...

Lucy is so cute! Owen is too but...Lucy is so cute!