Happy Birthday Lucy

Lucy is 2 today! And it's been a great day.
She woke up jumping in bed. I sang her Happy Birthday. And then Shannon invited us to Kidspace. Lucy was in heaven. I can't tell what she likes more, their toys, their books....or the little "k" stamp they put on her hand. Here she is checking it out (and probably saying, "oh! k!"):
Erica Munson and her daughter June were there also, so we moms had a fun time chatting while the kiddies played. We easily stayed for 2 hours, but finally left for nap time.

We love our little Lucy girl. She is a real sweetheart with tons of energy. She continues to keep us laughing. A few months ago, I finally finished documenting her "birth story". And since I started the blog a year after she was born, I decided to back-post it to the blog. If you're interested in reading, click here (don't worry, no gross graphic details...for the most part).
And to pay homage to Lucy Lenore, I decided some pictures were in order. So, here's our little girl over the past two years:

1 day old
home with mom and dadbest smiley face
our little piglet
first Christmas
one of our many morning walks with Casey to the train station
and just to prove that she's not alllways cute, check out this doozie. I mean, wow.
Click on it to enlarge the crustiness. (from the same morning walk above).
1 year old!
love that sad face
what a rugrat
not the 1980s
little strawberry girlfirst haircut
favorite mixing bowl
Christmas '07
our little 2 year old
Happy Birthday Lucy!
and now back to the jumping...


the bates motel said...

happy bday lucy! can't believe you are such a BIG girl! we love you :)!

Joe and Marci Heugly said...

There is no way she will be terrible during her twos - she is way too cute! Happy Birthday Lucy!

La La Land said...

She is so stinking cute! Happy Birthday Lucy!

teresa and the boys said...

Eeeuuuuuwwww - snot face Lucy!

She is adorable. *sigh* I need a pink one. We find out in 2 weeks!

Suman Family said...

cute pictures! love the recap of the two years. happy birthday lucy!

Nicole Willard said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!You are no longer "baby lucy" as Jacqueline calls you, you are officially "Big Girl Lucy".

Sara said...

I love her huge smiles! Such a cutie!

Will, Nat, & Fallon said...

you sure make some cute kids dana!

Brad & Shanell Farr said...

i can't even stand how cute she is!

Claudia said...

Loved reading her birth story...Lucy is such a cute girl and good job documenting all those pics of her. You must be feeling great with Owen who sleeps so well!:o)

Allison said...

THAT was just cuter than I can stand. I need to find a toilet.

Anne said...

Oh how darling. I loved all the cute pics. She is precious!!! And getting so big already. I haven't checked your blog for several days, so Happy late Birthday, Lucy! :) Love, your NoCal cousins...xoxox