so this is what it was like in the 80s

I am without computer during the day till next Thursday! Our MAC has been having problems for a couple months now, so we finally took it in to the Apple store for a diagnosis...and they kept it for repairs.
Now I know what it was like to be a mom in the 80s...you actually had to call your friends to organize a park day. No blog browsing. More time to clean the house and work on sewing projects.
I have Casey's laptop at night. But I already feel a void as I look at that big empty spot on our desk (which had the best layer of dust our little apartment has ever seen.)
So, here's to a few days without the luxury of the World Wide Web.
I think I'll make it.


Heather said...

Been there. It totally sucks. (But I'll admit my place is always cleaner when the computer is out of commission.)

lettieb said...

I also had this situation recently and it just about killed me. I was for sure a better mom without the computer though!

megan said...

awww...that is tough! I've been there! hope your mac comes back in good shape!

Anne said...

At least you probably have a cordless phone. My mom didn't have one until I was in high school. No wonder all our "naughty" stories start with, "When mom was on the phone one day..." Good luck!

Mark said...

Ahhhh! How did you survive without a computer?! That would be so weird.

By the way, Mac doesn't need to be all caps "MAC". For some reason people spell it that way, but really it's just "Mac." MAC is a completely different terminology having to do with networking and has no direct relation to the all-things-i maker.