8 months old

Our little Owen is 8 months old!Everyone always says it goes faster with the second child and well, yea, it's true. I can't believe it's been 8 months! I vividly remember when Lucy was 5 or 6 months old and we went to a playgroup with some 8-9 months olds. They were sitting up and grabbing all sorts of toys and I remember thinking, "aw. I can't wait till Lucy can do that sort of stuff." An 8 month old seemed so old to me. And now we're there with our baby boy. He's big enough to wear these cute shorts Rachael gave us. I love em:
He's such a cutie and just a sweet little boy. We don't get his stats till the 9 month appointment. But here are some things he's up to:

* Sits up and stays up
* Close to crawling. Sort of drags himself towards a toy. Gets up on his knees and rocks. Does a 180 circling around on the ground. Pushes himself head-first around on his back.
* A great eater! Opens his mouth for each bite and eats everything I offer him. Quite a change from Lucy. Yay!
* Sleeps from 7pm to 7am...but has a BAD habit of waking up everyday around 5 or 6am (but will go back to bed if he drinks a bottle). I should just let him lay there and go back to sleep on his own but it's strange, he's WIDE awake in there. He's up on his knees, smiling, playing with toys (or crying). It's obvious he's gonna stay that way for a while and likely wake up Lucy so I just feed him and then we all get back to bed for a couple more hours.
* Two little bottom teeth
* Loves to babble. "dadada" or "bababa"
* Has a weird rash behind his ears that we've got to ask the doctor about.
* Is a total wiggle worm but can be cuddly too. He likes to bury his head into your body when holding him. He does the same thing with one of Lucy's rags. He holds it to his face and then bends his whole body over, burying his face in it.
*A few weeks ago there was a day when I felt like it finally clicked for him and me, we just really connected or something. I really think he recognizes me and laughs so adorably when I tickle him.
* He's usually always smiling.
We love our little Owen.
Here's our happy boy in action:


The Hunt House said...

adorable video. He is getting so interactive! How fun. d

Claudia said...

How cute...Madison asked me to replay this video of Owen over and over again. Thanks for making our day! :)

Jean said...

He is quite the cutie. I love watching Owen and learning about what he's doing, because I sort of see him as Weston-in-the-future. Same with Charlie (especially since Weston and Charlie have kind of been the same size). But yes, I agree he's growing up fast. I feel like time is flying with my baby, so I can't imagine what it'll be like with #2 when it goes even faster!! :-)

the bates motel said...

such a cutie! love the little vid! what a happy little guy. he's getting so big! cute pic of you guys too :)!

Camille said...

Cute Owen....we love him! Love the video. It was fun to see you yesterday!

Super Kate said...

So cute...can't wait to blog about my own kid one day.

lyndsey + brandon said...

he is SO cute. i love that owen is such a happy baby. and he is going nuts in that video...hahah. cracks me up!

Saunja said...

Oh! I just LOVE sweet little Owen! What a little cutie he is.

Joe and Marci said...

What a cutie! I love it when they smile and laugh. His giggle is the cutest thing (next to his darling grin :)

megan said...

yeah, he is dang cute and so smily! I always get a smile from him when I'm chattin with you. I love it!

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