random thoughts

* I can't wait for our Disneyland days to start up and mostly because I want their Kettle Corn. How pathetic is that? (of course I'm equally scared for how much more work Owen will be this time around. He's not crawling yet but getting close).
I consider Kettle Corn my reward for taking two little kids to the happiest place on Earth for hours. It can be a happy place for all for us! If you've never had the KC, it's at a little stand outside the park near the tram. PERFECT purchase on your way to the parking structure. Munch it on the 45 min drive home while kids (hopefully) are sleeping. We have a few more weeks till blackout days are over. I think I'll wait till the heat dies down too.

* I've been teaching Lucy to be more polite by saying "no thanks" instead of just "no". Works perfect for when Dad's acting like a 5 year old brother and pestering her, "no thanks Daddy." Of course when I really want her to eat something (besides milk) and I'm naming off a slew of options, "do you want peas? strawberries? crackers? etc." she looks at me and says "no thanks". It's hard to be annoyed by that.

* It seems that I just can't get on top of my joon bug sewing stuff. I really want to update my site but I just can't make inventory fast enough before selling it. That's a great thing though! I'm toying with the idea of Santa's Workshop boutique in St. George this Thanksgiving. I've been a few times and it's great. TONs of foot traffic. I think my stuff would sell. I'm just not sure that:
A - I want to fork out the $400 for a booth
B - I can produce enough stuff (meaning, not sure I have the energy to produce enough stuff).
I really want to do it though. I have the application here at the house.

* I'm working this Thursday and Friday. Oh man, it feels like a much needed vacation.

* Can't wait to read the next Twilight installment. Many of my friends have already finished it! Oh....I forsee some late reading nights in my near future.

That's it.


Jean said...

I can't wait for our Disney passes to kick in again either. (I agree that we should have a mom's day at D-land this fall... that would be so fun, and so many of us have passes.) Anyway, I've never gotten the kettlecorn before, but it always smells sooooo good in Downtown Disney. Now I'm tempted.

If it's as big as you say, then I'm sure you'd make your $400 back at the Santa's Workshop. However, it is in St. George, which means none of us Pasadena girls would get to check out your goods. So, boo! Haha, just kidding. I think you should go for it. Or do it next year, and just start preparing soon.

Yay for Lucy's politeness. Yay for work. Yay for everything else in Dana Land, haha. :-)

The Suman's said...

When do your Disney passes start up again? If it's before mid September we should meet up one day while we're there (the 13th through the 18th). We'd love to see you guys! I'm about 3/4 of the way through Breaking Dawn right now, and I have to say it is by far the best of the 4 books. You'll love it! I've also been to Santa's Workshop, I definitely think you should do it!

Saunja said...

A. I wish we were close enough to HAVE Disneyland passes again. Well, I guess we could have them, but they wouldn't get used very much. :)

B. I'll help you sew if you want for the Santa's Workshop thingey. Maybe we can work together so it's not so much sewing for you.

C. Twilight books? Haven't read any, but heard about them.

megan said...

random thoughts are what I do best.

thanks for bringing up the kettlecorn thing again...like I didn't already want some!

sorry I bought something from your inventory...but i really wanted it :-) I wish i could sew as well as you so I could help you out with all of your joonbug stuff.

and yeah, I'm dying to read the last book as well. I'm scared it won't turn out the way I want it to...

the bates motel said...

wow lots of updates to catch up on! i always think you should sell your stuff at the boutique! do it do it! you'll do great! i know time is kind of key, but i think it would be worth it to get your name out there more:)! cute pics of your kids and way cute hair cut on luce! i so want to go to dland too before my pass expires in oct, so hopefully we'll be back out there by then :)! p.s. i still have to finish eclipse to get on the breakin dawn bandwagon!

Nicole said...

Ok, Santa's workshop a MUST!! You've been there, I've been there every year, the kids booths are ALWAYS the most shopped and packed. Your stuff, would sell so fast! A lot of work & inventory though I am sure.

Kettle corn, love it, we get it everytime we head to the zoo, yum!

I am about 1/2 way through the new book, it is really good, I am going slow though so it doesn't have to end right away, just enjoying it.

Can't wait to hear Luce and her cute manners, that little voice is just so sweet!

teresa and the boys said...

You should definitely do the St George thing. You're way too talented and creative to not blow 'em away!

I was happy with the way Stephenie Meyer wrapped up the story. But not everyone may want what I wanted, so... you'll have to let me know when you finish!

Super Kate said...

I go to "the Land" for caramel apples...oh baby.
Hello...Linda's boutique, wouldn't she give you a deal on a table?

Joe and Marci said...

I vote you do Santa's workshop so I can come see you!
I'm in the middle of "Breaking Dawn" - it's a good one, but whenever I try to explain it to Joe, he just stares at me blankly. It's kind of wierd to explain how normal it is for a woman to be in love with a vampire.

Nat said...

You can totally still borrow my copy! I'll bring it this Sunday just in case you wanna steal it-hopefully we'll run into each other (since we're basically on opposite sides of the chapel...sad)Aaaand I'm with everyone else, a little Dana/joon bug baby would do St.George some good! We should have a fundraiser :)

Camille said...

Fun random thoughts. : ) I can just hear Lucy saying No Thanks in my mind right now, and it's making me smile. I should adopt that saying for anything I don't like; Camille, can you clean up the room?....."no thanks."

I've never had Kettle Corn at Dland before. Sounds yummy though. That's a good idea to get a treat for the road. Especially when you have a long drive home. I can't wait for our passes to open again too. Aug. 18th! I'm actually going on the 25th to celebrate Hayden's bday. They're hooking us up with a room at the Disneyland hotel! Can't wait!

It would be cool if you went to the Santa's Workshop Boutique. But I hear you with the preparation. That sounds like a lot of work. But, it would be great publicity. You could hand out cards with you website address and get more business. But then, you'll have even more sewing!!! Maybe you'll just have to hire some sewers.

Sorry for the long comment. I guess I have some random thoughts too. Haah.

Have fun on your "vacation!!"

Diane and Andrew said...

I've never had their kettle corn before. I'll have to try it next time. Thanks for the tip!

Ryan & Holly Willard said...

You should totally sell your stuff at Thanksgiving! It would sell like crazy.