Week in Review

It was another fun and busy week (and another long post). Here's what we did....

We swam at Megan's house with Sherri and her kids. It's kind of become a Monday afternoon ritual. Hope you don't mind Megan! We enjoy it!
I love that Lucy can swim (float) around by herself. It gives me great freedom.
Megan's son Caden is so good at swimming that she can sit on the sidelines with Elijah. I can't wait till Lucy's at that point.
The girls got a little cold in the water so they warmed up on the sidewalk. Cute little bums. Lucy's of course has a diaper underneath. She doesn't really pack that much back there.

We started with our weekly story-time at the library. It's fun to have so many other friends in the same class.
Here they are saying, "if you're happy and you know it, Shout HOORAY!"
Then we went swimming with all the other moms/kids at the Smith's house. No pictures. Not enough free hands for that outing.

After naps we went to Kidspace for their monthly free day. I'm on the verge of buying a 6-month pass. It's just too fun. How girly is our little Luce?
There was an animal show about Rudy the Bearded Dragon. The adults sat in the back and the kids gathered around in front.The lady in charge asked if anyone knew what kind of animal she was holding. A few older kids held up their hands. Lucy didn't know any better so hey, she copied them. Her face is awesome, "um teacher. Yes, I know. It's a bearded dragon?"
There was an entire water part in the back that we've never gone to before. Kids were swarming and wading in the little stream. Lucy of course thought it was great fun. And then she saw this iron bird statue. He needed some hugs.
I've been trying to teach her to use the pedals. Still hasn't caught-on.
Inside is this giant leaf with paint cans in front. The kids paint watercolors and every few minutes water showers the leaf from above and washes the canvas clean. Lucy was obsessed with it. I think we stood there for 30 minutes while she painted.
Still painting (with a different kid).
We love Kidspace!

We just recently found out about the Wednesday night concerts at Levitt Pavillion and decided it was time to go! This night was the "circus" (more like a juggling act if you ask me. No animals, no clowns. But there was a unicycle). Since it was bound to be crowded we took the metro to avoid parking. Lucy adores going on the train. Owen has no opinion yet.
Downtown Pasadena is so beautiful. Palm trees and old buildings everywhere:
We got there an hour before it started and it was already crowded. Levitt Pavillion looks like a mini Hollywood Bowl. Kinda cute.
We hung out with this adorable little girl:
And her adorable family. Our friends Erica, June, and Nate Munson:
More fun friends, Danielle and Sherri:
Casey's late class was that night so I was on my own with the kiddies. It wasn't too bad.
Lucy and Grace have fun together:
Jumping to the music:
Once the show started they were mesmorized:
So this is why people give me weird looks when I'm carrying both kids like this. I guess it looks a little ridiculous. Good thing Lucy only weighs 24 lbs.
The highlight of the show was this dancer. She climbed a fabric rope hanging high in the air and twisted her body around to do all sorts of cool tricks. Much better than the ring-tossing duo before her:
I worked both days and the kids spent the time at Grandma Linda's house playing with snow white and the seven dwarfs.

Casey and his guy friends had a golf tournament. Casey's team won! (2nd year in a row. yeea). Another post to come on that event.

We had date night. It was a comedy of errors. We planned to go to the temple and then eat at our favorite pizza/calzone place on the west side, Roccos. Five minutes before leaving the house I remembered that my temple recommend was in my wallet, which was stolen last month. Arg. No temple afterall. Instead we called up our friends Lyndsey and Brandon who were going to a cool outdoor movie screening of Sixteen Candles....in a hollywood cemetary.
I'd heard about these screenings for years but had never done it. We asked to tag along with them and they said.....yes! Phew. They're totally cool and fun to chat with. So, we drove there, parked miles away, walked with all our blankets and pillows, etc. only to be turned away at the gate (along with 150 other people) because it was sold out. LAME. Strike two on our evening. So we drove back to Lyndsey/Brandon's house and watched the movie on their TV instead. We still had a great time. Thanks guys for letting us crash your night!

My Dad turns 62 tomorrow so we headed down to OC to celebrate with the family.
We took the token "gather around the island" birthday shot:
And then we lit the candles. I like this shot because it really is candid. Each person's expression or action is so natural:Papa let the kids help blow out the candles. Lucy was spitting more than blowing:For a girl who doesn't eat, Lucy loves some chocolate cake:
I made my dad this Profile NeckTie as a gift. I have a new goal for birthday gifts: all handmade. The tie was a little different but I think he liked the grandkid touch:After the gifts and cake we had an ugly lip contest. I guess it's more like chipmunk mouth:
We've been doing it for years and my family always claims I look the most discusting of all. Eric can not stand it when I do this face. Good thing he wasn't there (but good thing I emailed him the picture!):
Funny irony to it all....after posting these pictures my friend Jessica left a comment here saying "you inspired my post today!" I was not expecting to find this on her blog (I'm 2nd to the bottom). The face looked horrible then too!

If we didn't look like the nastiness above, it's because we were laughing like this:
A fun night for everyone. The kids played with toys:
And we all enjoyed some Olympic Gymnastics on TV:
And there you have it. That was our week!


Super Kate said...

Holy cow...that is some week. We went to the Sixteen Candles cemetary movie. It was awesome, I highly recommend it. We got there right before 7, but they wouldn't let us park so we drove around the block to make one more lap tobuy us some time. Only to sit in the car for an hour and a half trying to get around to the front. We were told that you need to park and hour early and wait in line.

the bates motel said...

wow sounds like a fun filled week! i love weeks like that! lucy's hair looks way cute too! i like the homemade touch too for your pops! way to go!

Nicole said...

What a fun filled week! You sure packed it all in, I am impressed!! Lucy looks so cute in that little dress, such a girly girl!

Lettie said...

Your lucky kids. You really do take them out a lot and they get to experience so much. Maybe I should start trying again.
I love the idea of outdoor movies. We attempted one last weekend too. However, it was just in a park - not a cemetery! Your week looked super fun and what a clever idea with the tie.

megan said...

ok, could you have found a more hideous picture of me? Can't wait til you updated again so that picture will be shoved further down the page were no one will see it!

fun fun week!! I'm glad you got some pics of them at library time! I had planned on doing that, but b/c of the doc appointment I missed out. thanks again for driving caden up to swimming!

and I'm kind of sad we missed the circus night! sherri said it was par, but it still looked fun!

love the tie! the cake looks delicious!

lyndsey + brandon said...

dang girl you weren't kidding -- that's a lot of pictures! good week in review. and i'm still mad at the cemetary.

p.s. i love lucy's face in the "bearded dragon" picture. what a brilliant child :)

Jessica said...

Your post today inspired mine! :)

Camille said...

Fun post! You guys have had a busy and fun week. Kidspace is so fun....the painting leaf looks super cool. Sorry about your date night. The outdoor movie would have been cool, but glad it worked out ok. Love the pic of Lucy raising her hand. so cute. Those pics of us are so super nasty. I'm still smiling about yours. I think you get some good chin action going that adds to the whole effect. I think I need to try that next time. Um....next time? Do I really want to do that again?! : )

Jen Suman said...

I cannot stop laughing at your chipmunk lip faces! Hilarious! And I have to agree that yours is the best (worst?)!

Sara said...

what a fun busy week! I love the pic of Lucy twirling in her dress. And what an awesome date... I may have to get more info from you about this for our little getaway next weekend!

Jodie said...

Wow all that in one week!
Those faces are disgusting, btw. :D

Saunja said...

WOW! What a week. I love the lip pictures. You and Camille look COMPLETELY different with those lips!

Kizzycakes said...

what a fun week! so many good times in pasadena. i miss those days. so glad to see you're taking full advantage.