Double the fun

Another busy (but yummy) week. With different Christmas get-togethers going on, I baked 15 dozen cookies, 2 dozen cupcakes, and made two trifles. And I have two more Cookie parties this coming week!
I sewed this little skirt for Ava. More info here.
I took pictures of these cute people:
Our wonderful friends Lyndsey and Brandon spread Christmas cheer our way on Saturday and watched the kids all night while we saw Australia. I really enjoyed it. Casey thought it was "good". It's very long (3 hours). But Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman work well together, there's drama, comedy, and action (something for everybody), it was cool to see Baz Luhrman do something a little different than Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliette, and bascially, all the shots are beautiful and amazing like this:
On Sunday we had a double birthday party for Owen and his sweet cousin Ava, who share the same birthday. Since Owen turned Uno, we went with the classic card game theme for the party. I made him this fun shirt and pants. More info here.
Camille decorated the table with colorful balloons, bright fabric and UNO cards:
For dessert, UNO cupcakes:
and a Wow Wow Wubbzy cake. Laura did a great job decorating and Ava loved it:
The kids were real funny with the presents and mostly enjoyed the bags and tissue paper that the gifts came in. And of course Lucy thought everything was for her. She's really going to enjoy Christmas this year.
Ava got a coloring book from Aunt Karen and the two girls sat on the table to try it out:We sang Happy Birthday to the two kiddos and gave Owen a whirl with a cupcake. He was NOT interested:
The whole group:The girls discovered Gram's Christmas village and had fun for a 1/2 hour. Thankfully nothing was broken:And of course we finished the night with a round of Speed Uno. Yes, Meredith has pink hair. And yes, Bryan and Dad are making the same face.Fun night and busy week! The Christmas fun has only just begun...


Allison Hansen said...

An UNO party?! SHUT UP! You are too creative! I'm admitting right now that I'm downright stealing that idea in June of 2010.

Suman Family said...

really fun! happy birthday owen! i am looking forward to some of the chaos over christmas and new years.

lyndsey said...

fun week! as always, your creativity is fantastic. but booo...no frosting-face pictures of owen. i was waiting :)

the bates motel said...

looks like a fun time! wow you've been really busy in the kitchen too! love the uno cupcakes. owen looks bigger every pic you post. such a cutie!

dietcokegrrl said...

OK--lots to say on this!

That is a LOT of baking. I would be completely cookied out!

Again, cute skirt

Thanks again for taking the cute park pics! I still need to do a blog post with them.

Umm, I am going to have to enlist L&B to babysit for me too...they DO live just around the corner.

LOVE LOVE LOVE a good game of speed Uno--although I haven't played since my BYU days.

AWESOME Wubbzy cake--Hannah say it while walking by and was very excited. I may have to try to make one for Sammy's b-day.

Busy, busy as always, you guys!!

Kizzycakes said...

i'm so totally in love with your uno party -- so perfect for a one year old birthday. i may have to steal that idea a year and 3 months from now!

teresa said...

You guys have all the fun. Maybe we should move to California (in our dreams...)!

Cute cake, cute kids, cute skirt. Though I'm with the person who's mourning the Owen-Frosting-Face. What a party-pooper!

Nicole said...

What fun celebrations. I love everything UNO, very clever! Don't you just love the holidays & all that go with it. It is non stop over here too. Cookie parties are fun & YUMMY!!

The Burnham Bunch said...

OK, i can't complain anymore. That is alot of baking. Fun party!

Sara said...

Fun party! Cute shirt, cute cupcakes, cute skirt, cute kids! I wish we could have been there! Can't wait to see you guys next week!

Saunja said...

Great wrap-up. Fun week! Pink hair is all the style here. Some cute blonde teenage girls color just part of their hair pink. I think it's really fun, and if I was younger, I would DEFINITELY do it too. Go Mere!

megan said...

look at mr owen!!! 1 already?! weren't you just pregnant?? LOVE the uno thing!!!! why must I always want to copy everything you make?!

at that is a ton of baking!! I want to know how the party last night went!! sad I couldn't make it!!