Our week

Last week was a hodge-podge of fun outings and busy projects. We spent a couple days at the park. Lucy and Hannah were so cute in this large swing and just kept saying "uuuuuuup and dowwwwwn" over and over. Fun little friends:
Sammy patiently waited for his turn on the red swing:
And Camdyn enjoyed the other swing for a good half hour:
I spent my nights and nap-time working on hairclips for another boutique in Arizona. More cupcakes:
When clips were finished, we dropped them off to Grandma Linda (she runs the boutique) and had fun playing with her dollhouse:
We went to school and the kids put on puppet shows for each other. Lucy, of course, kept calling it a TV. "Can I watch the TV?" she'd ask. Poor kid. She's one that could sit in front of the tube for hours if I let her (which does come in handy when you need it).We played at home. These pictures turned are way too blurry but the kids were being cute together. Lucy kept trying to pick Owen up:
We made pizza and drank rootbeer:
We went to our friend Ally's 2 year birthday party:
As a gift we brought hairclips. For more info, see my sewing blog here.
The invite said to bring your bike or trike to ride around the backyard. Ally got this awesome bike for her birthday but of course, you want the other kid's toys, right? So she opted for Lucy's ghetto Walmart bike:
Lucy didn't mind, she rode around on Allyn's cool wheels:
Lucy sat at Ally's little desk inside their adorably decorated house. Krista has great taste:The kids played with playdough:
and just had fun together:
I love these girls:
And I couldn't get over the beautiful sky:
Happy Birthday Allyn!To celebrate Owen's birthday we went to the Light Festival at Griffith Park. This tunnel is the best part:
And it's even cooler if you twist your camera around:
The kids were perfectly content the entire time riding in the stroller and looking at the lights:
It was a happy family outing.
Back home we sang Happy Birthday and opened a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Willard:
Cool! Spiky blocks! Fun for everyone. Happy Birthday Owen!
And to top off the week, I decided to make A, B, C ornaments for our little tree:
O for Owen, L for Lucy, M for Mom, D for Dad, W for Willard, and a Star to go on top. I keep looking at the "D", thinking it stands for Dana...but it's for Dad. Casey said I should think of my audience. To the kids we are, Mom and Dad. So there you go. For more info see my sewing blog here.
As for this week....more projects are already in the works! This is a busy time of year but I love it.


Lettie said...

I love the initial ornaments. I thought that was clever when I saw them on your sewing blog. And they look really cute on your mini tree :)

dietcokegrrl said...
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dietcokegrrl said...

Nice recap! Love all the pics and sorry we missed the b-day party--it looked like fun. AND we missed the Festival of Lights...lame

Oh, and I just have to say (again) how much I love the "A" clip. SO CUTE!!

(Sorry, had to delete my first comment because I'm typing faster than my brain can process and I forgot part of my sentence.)

Suman Family said...

wow! great week. parks, parties, christmas lights...sounds great. you are always so productive. i don't know how you do it. i am hoping to make christmas cookies with Ava tomorrow and it's already sounding daunting. :) send some of your energy my way.
i love the picture of the kids in the stroller. they look so happy, warm and cozy in there.

the bates motel said...

sounds like a busy week. fun fun. cute hair clips. are you coming out to az? and i dig the home-aid ornaments!

Nicole said...

Great recap of the week. There is never a dull moment in the Willard household. I love the tree ornaments, I may have to give them a shot. Lucy is so lucky to have you for a mom to teach her all your amazing sewing ideas and projects. Your an inspiration. I'm lucky to have you as a sis-n-law to learn from as well!!

teresa said...

I, too, am totally enamored of the ornaments.

Karis said...

Super cute ornaments! I love anything with letters on it. You always make such cute things!

Super Kate said...

Seriously, you amaze me all the time! No offense to your wal mart trike, but that birthday trike is the coolest one I've ever seen! I need to get me one of those.

Jean said...

What a fantastic week!! Lots of great photos and lots of great fun. I really love that twisty-camera shot of the tunnel at Griffith Park! Aaaaaaah-some. :-)

I love your cupcake clips. Love love love love.

Saunja said...

Looks like a fun week! I love the pictures from the light festival. The girls at the party are so cute, they are all color-coordinated. I love the cupcake hairclips, especially the sprinkles... they look good enough to eat! And fun spiky blocks, reminds me of those fun ones we had when we were little.

Sara said...

cute ornaments! Looks like it was a fun week!

megan said...

love all the clips and ornaments...big surprise, right?!

and I'm glad you made it to see the lights! nice fun time!

and glad to see you are still enjoying the park...thank goodness for the park