Hanging out Downtown

On Friday, the kids and I took the train downtown for a little family outing. We met Casey at his work, where a party and decor were fully in season. We let the kids run around:
We tossed around the Earth:Played with little dogs:
And went for an adventure outdoors:
We walked over to the new LA Live at the Nokia Plaza (right next door to Staples Center). It's a new downtown "hotspot" with restaurants, clubs, live music, bowling, and theaters. Since we were there at 5:15pm, not much was happening. But it looked cool:
and there was a small band, a la School of Rock, getting ready to perform. They were the cutest little kids!
Lucy ooohed and ahhhed and probably wanted to climb up on stage:
She got to ride on Dad's shoulder's instead:
Taking the train and hanging downtown makes me forget that we sorta live in the suburbs (if Pasadena can be called that).
We then took the train back home but stopped in Old Town for dinner and dessert. A place I've always seen and never tried:
The food was so-so. The tacos were the best part. And Owen got to roam free, playing with Christmas decor, so we were all happy:
After dinner, Squeeze and Scoop yogurt!Lucy ate 4 sample cups:
Owen went clubbin:
And we had a crazy ride home to Sierra Madre station.
Fun Friday!


sachia said...

All your pics are super cute. Love the one of you three on the train. Framable. Love the clubbin baby photo! You have me cracking up. Very good pohotography!

lyndsey said...

man, perfect day. family time, christmas lights, tacos and squeeze&scoop. not to mention a ride on the good old gold line :)

the bates motel said...

sounds like a fun day! cute pics of everyone! see you soon!

devin said...

owen crackin up at that dog is great stuff. love it.