RECIPE: Chocolate Trifle (EASY and very rewarding)

This is one of my favorite desserts to make because:
A. It's super easy
B. It's super yummy
C. Everyone is super impressed when you make it

Become everyone's friend by making this recipe!


A trifle is an English dessert composed of layers of sponge cake doused with jam, custard, and whipped cream. This distinctly American version is much easier to make, lighter, and very chocolaty. Presentation is best in a large clear glass bowl, so you can see all the yummy layers.

2 small packages instant Chocolate Pudding (can be sugar-free if you like)
Milk (for pudding)
2 small, 8-oz? Tubs of Cool Whip (thawed)
1 Box Brownie Mix
(You can use lower-fat versions. Krusteaz has a good one)
2-3 Heath or Skor Bar Candy Bars

• Prepare Brownies in a 9x13 pan according to directions on box. Let them cool completely. Cut into very small bite-size squares.
• Prepare 2 boxes of chocolate pudding according to directions on box. Refridgerate till ready for trifle assembly.
• Break and crumble both candy bars with fingers while still in the wrapper. (less messy that way)
• Fold one container of cool-whip into the pudding. Do not mix completely. You want to see swirls of brown and white. (you don’t have to do this step. Some prefer the pudding left alone)
• You’re ready for assembly! Get your glass bowl, pudding, cool whip, brownie bites, and candybar crumbles together. Here we go!
• First layer brownie bites on the bottom of your bowl. Sprinkle a small amount of Skor Bar in with them. Next, do a layer of the pudding/cool-whip mix. Next layer just the cool-whip (from 2nd container). Then start the process over with the brownies.
• You should make it through 2 cycles of layering. Make sure you save enough cool-whip for the very top/last layer and sprinkle a few Skor bar crumbles over the top for d├ęcor (you can also use crumbles of brownie pieces from your brownie pan. Whatever you want)
• Refridgerate till ready to eat! It tastes best when very cold and has sat for about an hour or more. This gives the brownies time to soak up some of the liquid. After a couple of days, however, you’ll notice the dessert gets slightly watery. This is likely from the pudding.


Nicole said...

Mmmmm, thank you for this recipe, I have wanted to make it at different times this year & now I can!!

Erik Isakson said...

Dana, You know this has been an all-time favorite of mine. Jennille has now carried on the trifle tradition. love it. love it.

lyndsey said...

mmmm...and it tastes delicious :)

dietcokegrrl said...

Sounds sooooo yummy. Can't wait to try it!

Saunja said...

Always a favorite!

megan said...

ummm yumm!

The Burnham Bunch said...

YAY! Thank you. So glad you posted this.

Jean said...

I've actually made this before, but without the Skor! It was divine, and I think it would've been even better with the toffee. :-)

Caryn, the Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. Lyndsey's brother got not one not two but THREE batches of brownies for his 18th birthday so I am going to use one of the batches to make your yummy creation. It was great meeting you at your Mutual activity. Also, I have found your Blog inspiring and overwhelming. You are one creative chick!!! Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Lyndsey Well's Mom, Caryn. :)

teresa said...

Yum... Kathy has a version (that I've kind of hijacked) with pound cake, vanilla pudding, and fruit (usually berries) that's fantastic too!

debra said...

I remember this recipe and it is definitely a fav! Thanks for sharing!