Adam Lambert is even louder in person

it's true. And I give you my personal review because.....I went to the American Idol Season Finale last night!
But first let's recap recent events, because.......
It's a been a GREAT week for TV.

Last Wednesday:
Our friend Brian Petersen's Volkswagen commercial aired two weeks in a row; during the LOST finale. Awesome time-slot. Funny Brian.

We watched this favorite supporting actor:
on the 2-hour 24 Season Finale. Wasn't the best finale we've seen. But the president's daughter got the shaft, Aaron Pierce (above) played hard-ball, and we loved it.

Monday Night (while watching 24):
My friend Lyndsey emailed: "I have tickets for the American Idol finale tomorrow! Do you want to go???!"

Need you wonder my response?

I dropped the kids off at Casey's parents house in the morning, headed home to get "idoled-up", and took the train downtown to the Nokia Theater for the American Idol finale!
Me, excited (about going to A.I. and being on the train without kids. Thank you Linda!):
interesting sites along the way:
Finally at Union Station.
After leaving my camera and other essentials with Casey at his office (and running a few blocks through downtown traffic), I met up with my group (Heather, Marissa, me and Lyndsey):
And thus ends the American Idol pictures (since nothing was allowed inside; not even a purse). So words will have to describe the rest.....

* We didn't have official tickets; we were Seat Fillers. But it ended up being awesome. As everyone took their seats, we jumped into any empty seat we saw. If the real ticket holder came for that seat we jumped up and grabbed a different empy seat.
* Lyndsey found a spot and stayed there the whole night. I wasn't far from her and 10 min before the show....all the former idols (Danny Gokey, Matt, Allison, Lil, etc) came and sat RIGHT in front of Lyndsey and not far from me. It was fun to see them all upclose. They were a cute group. And Scott (blind boy)'s hair is (as expected) really bad....looked like a curly, matted-down dog.
* Lyndsey chatted with Allison about her red hair and guess what, she dyes it herself! No bleaching beforehand....just dye.
* David Archuletta walked in and stood right by my chair. He's goofy, bouncy and still looks 12. People were going crazy over him, including a 19 year-old guy sitting by me. Um? Really?
* I got booted from my sweet chair behind the judges but found another great seat a little further back and next to a cool fashion designer who's on a book tour for her new children's book. She and I chatted all night.
* Anthony Hopkins was rows ahead of us. I could see his shiny white head all night. Lyndsey over-heard him and his wife talking to Kris Allen's parents afterward and telling them, "we just love your son". Wow. Can you imagine? Sir Anthony Hopkins thinking YOU are the celebrity?
* I talked to Brooke White for a few minutes during one of the commercial breaks. Casey and I knew Brooke and her husband Dave in our single's ward about 5 years ago. I've seen her on and off over the years, but wasn't sure she'd recognize me. But immediately she smiled and said, "dana!". She's such a nice person and a real sweetheart. She's very humble and spent most of our conversation asking what I was up to. She, however, is coming out with an album in July. Good for her.
* Ryan Seacrest stood right in our aisle when coming back from the SECOND commercial break (the break right after both guys sang their first song). AND, I'm in the shot for about 5 seconds! If you recorded the show, check it out. As Ryan walks down the aisle, you'll see a girl in a green shirt to his right. And then I'm right next to her, waving my arms back and forth, acting like a true idiot (but happy to be on camera!)
* Aaron Pierce (my favorite 24 actor above) sat a few rows ahead of me. At the end of the show, I walked up to him and said, "last night's episode was brilliant. You've always been one of my favorites." He smiled and replied, "thank you darling". What a sweet man.
* Lyndsey saw Katie Holmes walk in with Suri, stay for one song performance and then leave. Random.
* Carrie Underwood performed. She had sweet glittery eyeshadow and rockin boots. I want them.
* Adam's voice was seriously loud and awesome. He is brilliant. I didn't care for either guys' last-song performances. BORING song. And I can see now why people in the audience boo or cheer at the judges. Watching/hearing the performers live is a far better experience than on tv. You get wrapped up in the moment, as you would at a concert, and forgive the little technicalities.....thus, not always agreeing with Simon (which I usually do).
* Paula is a primadonna. She entered the stage, swaggering in a jade green gown, and waving like a beauty queen as if to say, "Fans...I have arrived!"
* All the judges got up and left the stage during each commercial break. Except for Paula. She could barely walk in her dress. Awesome.
* The place was swarming with Industry execs, 14 year old girls (in skanky dresses that even 18 year olds shouldn't be wearing), mad Idol fans, and tons of crew members.
* The show started taping at 5pm and we were done by 6:15pm. Impressive!
* It was truly fun to be there in person. Felt sureal. Something everyone should do! Next season, go to the website and sign-up.
Since we got out earlier than I anticipated, Lyndsey dropped me off at Casey's work and he and I spent the evening together. He had a 9pm softball game on the westside. So we made at dinner stop at our favorite Culver City taco shop:
with these awesome ladies preparing the delicioso:
and these fun sights in the background:
We ate our tacos over at Brett's house, just a few blocks from Titos, and watched the first 1/2 hour of A.I. with Brett and Devin. Those guys are a sure-thing for good conversation and great laughs.

We finished the evening at the Albright Sportsmen Softball game. And since it was cold, I only lasted for 25 mins and spent the rest of the time reading in the car. It's always fun to see the guys again. Casey and Brian Petersen:
What a fun, fun day!
I'm rooting for Adam (and tried to vote, but couldnt' get through). We'll see what tonight brings. Thanks Lyndsey for the sweet hookup!


Kayli said...

Okay, so I don't watch (/have) t.v. so I only know American Idol and the like through what people say about them on blogs (I know--I sound like I'm Amish or something, don't I?!), but it still sounded way fun!! You looked totally cute too!

the bates motel said...

sounds like a very exciting night. we looked for you, but didn't see you. now i wish we would of looked harder! how fun. and all the peeps you got to see. we saw anthony hopkins and he looks so old, bren had me do a retake. we totally put a request in for tickets, but we never got the email, so if you do want to get tickets next year put your request in EARLY! i'm hoping we'll get tix to sytycd again.

Suman Family said...

SO FUN! great hookup. we looked for you too but missed you and then...sad to say...we deleted. ugh. so now we can't look again. sorry. what a great night you had. hooray for mother-in-laws ready to help out at a moment's notice! great post...fun LA living.

Saunja said...

Fun night!! We looked for you (our favorite seat filler) all night long. I've never looked at the audience members so intensely before. Didn't see you. I'll go check the DVR for that second commercial break.

When did you get bangs? Cute.

I agree about Scott's hair. I've been saying all season... why doesn't SOMEBODY help him out? Seriously.

Aaron Pierce! He's MY favorite too! So cool that you got to talk with him!!

I agree about the last song they both sang. Dumb lyrics. Boring. But then I can't stand Kara, and she was one of the writers of the song, right?

So cool that you got to go!! Fun Fun!

lyndsey said...

best. day. ever.
and wow! awesome recap. shoot, you put the entertainment weekly reviews to shame!
my life is already feeling empty without the prospect of a weekly a.i. fix...but at least we sent this season out with a bang!

lyndsey said...

and p.s. we already decided we are going to tito's on saturday :) thanks for the inspiration.

luvinthemommyhood said...

I am so friggin jealous of you right now....ohhhh, it's even better than what your email said!!!

Brad and Shanell Farr said...

sounds super fun! i wish i could've gone! and you're so good at painting a perfect picture of what it was like to be there! i love that!

Saunja said...

Okay, we just watched you on the DVR in your five seconds of fame!

Connie said...

Wow- That sounds awesome even to me, someone who is all idoled out. I didn't watch this or last season, but still I would go if I got the chance!

Jean said...

Okay, that is freaking awesome. Like I told Lyndsey, I'm not an AI fan, but I'm so happy for you guys!!! That rocks that you got to go and have such a cool time!!!

Nicole said...

I am sad to say I haven't watched Idol this year, just couldn't get into it. BUT, that was a fabulous recap I love everything about it and am so glad you got to go. You looked GORGEOUS BTW. Love all the pictures too, what a fun fun day! You guys are soooo very spoiled having Linda there so close to watch the kids as often as you do. I will say I am VERY envious!

megan said...

i can't even tell you how jealous i am.

but i'm glad you made it!! sounded sooooo fun

Miriam Oh said...

Awesome! How fun! What a rundown! See if your friend can get you in as a seat filler for one of the big award shows. That would be AWESOME!

debra said...

I'm not even an idol fan, but your experience makes me kinda want to be one- how FUN!

Joe and Marci said...

First, I LOVE Aaron Pierce. Second, I watched the last five minutes of the finale, but I haven't seen Tuesday's show yet -I will be looking for you. Third, I am living vicariously through you.

dietcokegrrl said...

AWESOME post--and I'm not even an AI fan!! (Although I AM a Tito's Fan as you know...)

Such a great day and it included Tito's as well! I'll say it again. Awesome!

Sara said...

Fun night! We haven't watched AI really at all this season, but that would still be a blast to be there. And so awesome you met Aaron!

sachia said...

Freakin' Awesome!

Becky said...

I don't watch AI, but you make it sound so fun! Can't imagine the regal Anthony Hopkins there, funny.

What a fun little adventure though. And, good for you, taking the train.

Kelly said...

Wow! What a night! How fun for you and your girls! I love taco shopes like that!! MMMmm yummy! Im going to CA in june. The same time as Rach, so maybe we will see you again! :)