Not much going on over here. Other than a nasty sinus infection I just can't seem to kick, I guess the kids have been hanging out partially naked.

This little face makes me smile:
And that little tush is just asking to be smacked:
Other stuff we've been doing...

Saturday morning, some friends helped move our piano over to Aaron and Karla's house. I love having a piano and want it to be part of our household in the future. But for now, our place is too cramped and I don't play it enough. Karla, on the other hand (who plays really well and beautifully) has been itching to get some practice time in.
So, these guys showed up:
loaded it up:
And Brandon and Owen shared a moment on the steps:
They wheeled it into the new place:
And it fits great! Much less intrusive than it was at our place.
And Brandon went horizontal:
Last night for dinner, the kids cooked with Dad. Lucy loves to help make scrambled eggs. She stirs them and adds the salt/pepper. Owen always wants to part of the show too:
Such an Owen face:
Eating the goods:
(in the very spot where the piano used to be!) Ah, I feel like I can breathe in our place again.


Kayli said...

Oh, that little blue-eyed, bare-chested Owen is SUCH a cutie-head!

That is a sweet picture of the kids helping daddy cook. Anytime you have a picture of little people with their dad it's generally really sweet, isn't it?

And I love your sidebar pictures. They are too too cute.

p.s. Yes, I got married when I was 17. My birthday is in August, so I was the youngest in my class anyway, and then I skipped grade 12 and went to USU where I immediately met my husband. We got married after my first year of school. Good times. Every once in a while I think about the fact that I was 17 and it kinda takes me by surprise and I can't believe it. ;)

Joe and Marci said...

Don't you love seeing that little bum wear big-girl panties and not diapers? Hurray for potty-training!!

lyndsey said...

fun random post! i love that your children are running around half naked. the pics of cooking w/ casey in the kitchen are super cute. and um...sorry, i guess? that my husband does weird acrobatics when he comes over? lol.

Jean said...

These pictures are so cute!! I love the "clothing optional" attitude. When it's really warm, we usually just have Weston in a onesie!

Yahoo for some more space in your place. And yahoo for your helper-children! You are training them well. :-)

the bates motel said...

cute pics. and i love that lucy is still wearing that hat! so funny!

Laura said...

My kids are never fully clothed by the end of the day either. I'm lucky if Hadley has anything on at all when she's home, the little nudist. Maybe too much information? Sorry!

sachia said...

Cute outfits on the naked kids! :) Very precious and sweeto photos. Um, I thought the piano looked great in your place BUT if Karla is going to use it that is really nice of you to loan it to her.

Here is something random for you- the word verification is:


Nicole said...

Those are some great pictures of those cute, cute kids! Congrats again on Potty training, I am soooo envious!

Becky said...

I love that it's been warm enough for the kids to run around half and/or completely naked. Sounds so silly, but I love seeing their little thighs, bottoms, bellys, etc., etc.

eclaires said...

Owen is SO cute and just getting older and older. And Lucy's little bum in real underwear is great! Tell Casey hello for me.

Saunja said...

Yay to Lucy and YOU on Lucy wearing panties! Good job.

I just want to pick up Owen and kiss his little face all over.

The horizontal picture is funny. And I can't believe your kids eat scrambled eggs.

Brittany said...

That Owen is a cute little guy!

Sigh. I want a piano.