Hanging out with Doris

Our family is very blessed to have great friends here in our city and Doris is one of them. She and I are about the same age, we have a similar career past, we talk the same speed, and well....she goes by the alias "diet coke girl". Need I say more? Oh wait, we can both quote all of Reality Bites. We were meant to be friends. She and I can talk for an hour, conversation headed in many tangents, and still have more to gab about.

You can often find us lunching at In-N-Out together. It's a circus (we're definitely "that" table that you don't want to sit by). But it works and we do it! Doris had the great idea recently to sit all the kids in highchairs by the door, while we moms waited in line. Brilliant! and they looked too cute together:
Most afternoons end with us meeting up with Doris and her kids at the park. If I even mention the word "park" to Lucy she responds with "and Sammy, and Hannah, and Doris want to come?" Our kids play well together and on this particular day, they wanted to have a race:
Sammy even took me on. Um, I think he won:
Hannah is a sweet girl with the most adorable curls.
She can always get Owen to laugh. He loves being around her.
Of course Doris jokes that Hannah has the emotions of a 15 year-old. But sometimes Lucy can console her:
Sammy is also a sweet kid. He plays so well with Lucy, it makes me smile. Though they're two years apart he never seems annoyed by her.
He is having major surgery on both his legs this Monday and we hope he will recover as soon as possible! What a trooper, that little guy.

I took these pics of Doris and the kids a couple months before she gave birth. I love this photo. Fun, cute, bubbly Doris:
And here is darling baby Helene, now 3 months old. She is such a doll and looks so much like Sammy:
One of my favorite pics:
Doris is a wonderful mom. She loves her cute kids and you can tell they love her back.
I'm lucky to have a friend like Doris. I'm so glad we can laugh and complain about motherhood (and all the other stuff) together. Good luck with Sammy's surgery!


lyndsey said...

cute blog! who DOESN'T love doris??

sachia said...

I agree...this is FUN TO READ! Thanks for letting us in a little, cute idea.

dietcokegrrl said...

Awwww, you're so sweet! How could I hate this post?

Who else gets my random humor and tolerates my (mostly) meaningless tangents? I love having a friend who really "gets" me! And being a diet coke AND In-N-Out fan as well? That just makes it all the better!

We love hanging out with you guys too! Thanks for the sweet post!!

La La Land said...

Awwww, so cute. Love you both!

Saunja said...

What a sweet post! You and Doris are so lucky to have such a wonderful friendship.

Jean said...

I love the ode to Doris! She's awesome!!! I need to go to In N Out with you guys sometime. I'd love to contribute to The Table That No One Wants To Sit Next To, hahaha! :-)

Erica said...

"Welcome to the maxi pad", one of the best lines! I loved that movie when I was in high school. I should go back and revisit it :) I also love good friends, what would we do without them!?!?!

Sherry Carpet said...

all such great pictures. doris is great! darling babies too.

megan said...

very sweet of you!
I'm glad you are such great friends!
and of course i love all of the pictures!