Jeremy and Gram's birthday party

We've been party animals recently (heading to OC twice for various Jeremy parties) and I'm finally getting around to posting about it. So here is happy birthday to my amazing mom:
And cute, fun, 7-year-old Jeremy:
We ate yummy dinner....
(with Mere entertaining Owen the whole time. yay! She is honestly a wonderful Aunt. I probably say that in every post but she's so sweet with the kids. She will be a great mom some day):
My beautiful sister Camille:
The kids played inside,
and outside.
We blew up balloons:
Opened gifts (with Lucy trying to help with each one. Gram was a good sport and let her pitch in):
Camile and Bryan got this awesome gift for my mom. July 4th is her favorite holiday and it often involves her dressing up like some patriotic figure. Lady Liberty was an excellent choice!
We gathered for a group pic and the timer accidentally went off:
The whole bunch of us (um, why does Meredith look 7 feet tall?):
and blowing out the candles:
We finished up with lots of bubbles.
and sidewalk chalk.
A very pleasant evening!
Happy Birthday Mom and Jeremy. We sure love you guys!


the bates motel said...

looks like some fun celebrating. cute pics of all.

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE the Lady Liberty hat--classic!

Yes, Mere does look look super tall--what's up with that? And Ava is sure getting big. So cute! Love the pic with Mere and Owen too.

Fun visit!

Saunja said...

That first picture is such a beautiful picture of Mom. Looks like a really fun party, as always! Fun that they got her that Lady Liberty hat. Did you see the Mother's Day present I made for her?

Jean said...

Hooray for all the fun parties! Great pictures as always. I think I've seen like 10 versions of that picture of your whole family in the kitchen gathered around a birthday cake. :-) Haha, but that's how it goes with big families!!

Nicole said...

I can't wait to see your 4th of July Post with your Mom as Lady Liberty!!! Such fun traditions! Great present. I LOVE all the pictures. You are getting so good. You have such a beautiful family, you guys the Willard's and all those Suman's too.

megan said...

I just love alll the pictures!!

Suman Family said...

it's always fun playing at gram's house! i can't believe how many birthdays we celebrate in a year. it's always a good excuse to get together and eat some cake! really cute pics too!

Sara said...

Fun party and great pictures!!