Halloween Traffic

*warning: LONG post. But hey, it was a LONG weekend!

I know I've said this before but Lucy is obsessed with STOP Signs. So what would she be for Halloween? An Octagon of course! (as she refers to it):
And keeping with the Traffic theme, Owen was a Traffic Signal. Casey had big hopes of making him light-up like Lite Brite. But my procrastinating sewing skills decided to keep it simple and did a little felt onesie:
For more info on how I made their costumes, check out my sewing blog here.
And now a recap of the weekend's festivities....
We started on Thursday with a 1st Year Birthday Party for our little friend Charlie. He made a perfect Dracula:
And his mom Laura was one cute Brownie. She even wore her old school vest and it looked great!
Sherri and her girls were the Three Little Pigs. Their wolf dad was wandering around as well:Little Miss Muffet Sienna and her Spider mama, Sachia:
The cutest little Yoda I've ever seen, Weston. He did this pouty lip thing the whole time. Love it!
And Max the lobster, scoring some sweet drinks:
On Friday we drove Downtown to Casey's work for a Halloween visit. We've been doing this for 3 years now and some of his co-workers look forward to us coming. It's kind of cute.
I put money in our parking meter and turned back to this cute sight. They were patiently waiting and making each other laugh:
Casey's office is a cool old loft-like building, with awesome windows. The kids had fun looking out on the busy streets and cars:
Posing with dad at the entrance:And in case you were wondering if Owen gained back that weight he'd lost from the stomach flu? Well, I'll let you decide:
From Casey's work we headed to my parent's house to hang out with family and cousins. As I've said a million times, Jeremy is such a good friend to his little cousins. He even let Lucy wander around in his Indian Jones costume hat:Owen "rode" a skateboard for the first time. It was funny. He pushed it along with his hand as he crawled:And we ate lunch at Chipotle!
Chipotle has a tradition on Halloween: If you dress up like a burrito, they'll give you one for free! We didn't join in but I thought this group looked great (and they didn't mind me taking their picture):
My parents have been coordinating daily "Yes on 8" rallies for their community. They even bought yellow shirts for everyone to wear. As you can see, my mom had already been to one rally that day and we were all heading out for another one that evening:
The whole group:
From 4-6 pm we supported the "Yes on 8" cause by standing on a street corner, holding signs:
It was actually kind of fun to be gathered with a bunch of people, rooting for a similar idea. Even the kids got into it, though it was a little worrisome having them so close to the street corner.
Thankfully there was a small hill behind us that they found more entertaining. They had races:
And at one point, a club meeting? Not sure what they were doing but they looked so cute together:
One day left till Voting Day!Halloween night we got the kids dressed up again and went Trick-or-Treating in my parent's neighborhood. The kids were amazing and all stood totally still and smiled for about 1 minute straight. We parents couldn't believe it and just kept snapping pictures. From left to right: Ava the butterfly, Indiana Jeremy, baby Delilah as a mummy, Chloe the Super Martian Robot Girl (from Yo Gabba Gabba), and Owen and Lucy:
Ava and Lucy went about the same speed from house to house. They both got the concept. And contrary to only wanting to eat candy wrappers last year, Lucy wanted to eat each piece of candy the moment she received it.
This lady was cuckoo. Her house was decked out in Christmas decor and she made the kids sing her a Christmas carol before giving them candy:
The men stayed home and "manned" the door. I think Eric ate a piece of each candy variety as they sat there:
And to finish off the already sugared night, Lucy got just what she wanted....a big yellow frosted cupcake:
Saturday started with more Prop 8 work. Casey hung Voting Reminder door-hangers on houses. And I participated in a rally here in our own city. It was a huge turn out of a couple hundred people:
We stood on four corners:
The response from drivers was mostly positive (which actually surprised me). And again, it was fun to join together with a group of people, especially fun friends that I love to chat with!
Saturday evening we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. Lucy had too much fun running around with her cute friends Grace and Chloe:Owen wasn't in the best of moods but he looked cute all the same:
I've never seen such a great turnout for a ward party, ever. The bait? In-N-Out! Someone in the ward treated us all and paid for the In-N-Out truck to come and serve us dinner. Brilliant! The only funny thing about the truck vs. the restaurant: you don't get french fries. You get a bag of potato chips. And the drinks are all poured for you. Shockingly, there was no rootbeer! Come on, these are Mormons! We loved it all! (well, I did. Not sure about Owen)The whole week had been super warm weather but that night it decided to rain. The kids thought it was great to play with umbrellas:Lucy's friend Owen is very into the Mary Poppins movie right now so he dressed up like a chimney sweep. He looked perfect. I love these kids together:
Our friends the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Ragozzines, with little Alice. Great costume ensemble!
Probably my favorite costume of the night was Max in his Ghostbusters costume. He even had the pack on his back. And an awesome pose to go along. His sister Mia looked too cute too in her Wonder Woman outfit:Two black cats, Linet and sweet Paige:
Some people went all out with their trunks. I was very impressed. Our friends Lyndsey and Brandon and Melanie and Jeff. They were pumpkined out:
And this set-up was ridiculous. There was a huge pirate ship at the end of the parking lot. The kids entered, got plastic swords, and fought the pirates on-deck for the pirate gold:
It was pretty funny and Lucy seemed to enjoy it.

After Trunk-or-Treat we were total party animals and drove over to the West Side for a party with some of friends from the single's ward. These are friends from our early days in the ward that we haven't seen in a very long time. It was great to catch up with everyone. Lucy entertained herself by exploring the house:
And since they had mini cupcakes, she ate about 3:
Ah. I'm done!

We had a really fun weekend. Holidays are always more entertaining with kids. And the excitement will only build as they get older and understand it even better.
We hope you all had a fun few days too!


The Hunt House said...

Awesome post. Love the pictures of Laura's party. I totally and completely forgot about it and I was soooo bummed because i was really looking forward to it. It looked adorable. LOVE the costumes. I wish I could sew darn it!

Suman Family said...

wow! fun post. i love the in-n-out thing. so lucky! i really can't believe all that you packed in there.

the bates motel said...

sounds like a fun filled weekend. i wondered where you'd been :)! the kids looked so cute in their costumes! looks like the parties were fun filled as well. and i can't believe you turned the furnace on! it's that chilly already? i'm hoping for very cool weather when we come out! please!

Jean said...

Great post!! Sounds like it was an awesome, fun-filled (and very busy) weekend. I adore the kids' costumes -- kudos again!! A great photo-journal of your adventures. :-)

Connie said...

Those costumes are the best- very creative. I never would have thought of a stop sign and traffic light! And great Prop 8 work!

lyndsey said...

wow, very thorough post. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't totally looking forward to it :) what a busy (and productive) weekend! yeah...we don't like the no-fry rule at the in n out truck either! oh well, they are still the best.

dietcokegrrl said...

Great recap of the busy weekend! And I'll say it again--cute cute costumes!

Super Kate said...

YAY, I've been so looking forward to seeing your costumes. So cute! I'm so glad to hear your prop 8 rallies are doing good. We were out hangin signs all day on Saturday. I wish I had taken pictures.

Kenny and Linsey said...

This is my kind of post. Lots of pictures, lots of fun and lots of Jumper and Goose!

Nicole said...

Great recap post of the weekend. Looks like you guys had a blast! I LOVE the costumes, the kids look so cute in them, you did a great job.

teresa and the boys said...

Dude, I'm tired just READING about your weekend. Lots of stuff going on there -- and man, I want In'n'Out now. *sigh*

Jodie said...

Wow, yours and your friends' costumes are awesome! What a fun post. Great to see your Prop 8 efforts, too. It will all be over today. And hopefully, on our side!

megan said...

your costumes turned out super cute!! wish I had known about the free burrito on halloween thing...I would have dressed up :-)

and I'm glad you made it to the rally!

sachia said...

I know you have gotten compliments on your kids costumes but I thought I'd pass this along. Josh Burnham was standing in front of me in line at the trunk or treat and saw your babes costuems and said outloud "wo, that was so creative"! Kindof cool coming from a dude.

sachia said...

p.s. why do I ALWAYS have typos?

Kizzycakes said...

i LOVED this post, even though it just makes me long for california. too cute costumes -- way to go! and i loved seeing all my other favorite people and their cute costumes too. oh, i can't tell you how bummed i am about missing the in-and-out truck. good times.