6 days of Lucy

A month ago, Casey went to LA for an entire week to work in his office and check-in with everyone. So, he took Owen along with him and they both stayed at his parent's house. That meant it was just the girls at home! 6 days of Lucy. The one-on-one time was great fun. But at the end of the day (or week) I really, really missed our boys. Let's hope that there's never a reason we all have to be apart like that for a long period of time.

So what did the girls do all week?
We went to a ton of Thrift stores, ate out for lunch, visited the zoo, bought Lucy a new bed and some random toys, and most importantly.....I let her jump, prance, and dilly-dally as much as she liked (holding my breath back, wanting to say, come on! let's go!)
I just let her do her thing, without a time-line or agenda.
We hung out in downtown Austin:
Rode the cool glass elevators to the top floor of the Hyatt:
We also rode the escalator a few times (which we rarely do, so she thinks it's an amusement park ride):
We went "fishing":
and met friends along the way:
And then, of course, we did something Mom wanted to do....checked out the beautiful homes in downtown Austin. When I saw this home I thought, certainly it must be the Governor's Mansion. Nope! Just a house! Just an 8,000 sq foot house, priced at $5.5 million.....and a mortgage payment of only $21,000/month.
It's pretty spectacular.
But I'd be willing to downsize to any of these.....
Can't wait to see their Christmas Decor!


Yuliya Y. said...

:) Great. Relaxing post. Love it. I do miss my BOY who is in South Korea now and will stay there for 1 year.. (military deployment). But being with my girls(Polina) is fun everyday for sure! Id o luck patients with her tough at times especially when I have to wake up at 5 am and be at work by 7 and try to get her to babysitter before then in time.. oh well.. I am used to it..

Jean said...

Hooray for girl time!!! These pictures are adorable. And those houses -- holy schnikies. GORGEOUS. I've actually been in that Hyatt! When I was in Austin for work, we met our clients there. Haha! Random.

Claudia said...

I think I'm saving the picture of that last house...absolutely gorgeous! I love exploring nice neighborhoods too :)

lyndsey said...

what fun girl time. and wow those house are awesome!

Saunja said...

I never tire of seeing pictures of Lucy dancing and prancing around. She's so dang cute.

Deborah said...

Oh, house lust--I'm SO guilty!! We keep joking that now that our house is pretty close to just the way we want it, we'll be forced to move any minute...

Glad to see you had fun with L, and it's always nice to have a chance to miss the boys a bit before they come back home!

Karis said...

I'll take the last house please! I Love looking at houses at dusk when you can see their lights on inside. IT's fun to let your mind wander about who lives there!