Visitors! Matt and Becky

Last week, we had our first visitors! (well, aside from my Mom helping us move out here). Casey's cousin Matt and his wife Becky flew out for a University of Texas football game and we're so glad they stayed at our house.
The night they flew in, we ate at The Salt Lick (which we'd been wanting to try for a while. It's an Austin classic). Yummy stuff! And back home we sang Happy Birthday to Casey. The big 3-6! Now that Lucy understands birthdays, she's thrilled to celebrate Casey's and mine and now Owen's in just a week!
Saturday morning, we walked around the downtown square.
Matt and Becky were both so cute and great with the kids. I think Owen reminded them of their boys when they were that age.
We played Hide and Go Seek:
Lucy was the Seeker.
We window shopped:
We had a few moments like this:
and this:
And we found a little museum on the street and peeked inside. Weir, Texas. Becky's maiden name!
Museum dress-ups:
At the end of our tour, we were asked to be Extras in a student film happening right there in the square. Sure. Payback for all the projects we've done in the past?
It was a narrative about two mimes....having some sort of Mime-Off.
Um, classic.
Mime #1 getting in character:
and Mime #2 getting in Make-up:
We were pretty cold standing there.
But fun to be a part of silly things.
And the rest of the day was filled with UT football and tons of roll baking/testing, in preparation for Thanksgiving day. The house sure smelled delicious.
Matt and Becky it was great fun having you here! Please come visit again!


Erica said...

wow, look at that hair. SOOO long!! What a beauty :)

Jean said...

Yaaaay for all the fun!! (Especially that film shoot - whee!) And happy belated b-day to Casey! WOOHOO! Is it just me, or does his cousin look like (a much better-looking version of) Jim Breuer from SNL? And I LOVE your faces in those grumpy pictures. Hahahaha!

Nat said...

Looks like so much fun! And I love that you were extras. Can't escape the film industry for long. :)

Nicole said...

They told us all about it at Thanksgiving. Sounds like everyone had such a great time. Glad you had fun & visitors.

Your hair is getting so long!!

Suman Family said...

so bummed we weren't the first visitors but fun for you guys! those mimes look pretty cheap...haha, but fun that you got to be extras.

dietcokegrrl said...

OK--that picture of just Owen (with Casey blurry in the background) is seriously the CUTEST picture ever!!! EVER!!!! I love it!!

I'm with Erica--your hair IS getting long! And I love that you were hit up to be extras. Too funny.

Happy belated b-day to Casey.

And yes, you ARE a blogging maniac tonight! I love it! I've missed all the updates.

ForeverYou said...

I love your hair! Very nice !!

lyndsey said...

ouch! nice shiner owen. and creepy mime shot...mimes scare me. haha. fun visit though! and i love that it's cool enough in texas for you to wear your hair down :)

Becky said...

okay, that mime looks more like the movie character in the "The Crow." A bit too scary for my taste.

the bates motel said...

how fun to have visitors! looks like you guys had a fun time.

Jenny said...

My little boy has that same hat! I love it. Looks like a really fun day! You must be loving Austin!

Fernando said...

We'll have to stop by the next time we're in Round Rock. Last weekend, we were pretty busy with the fam there and our time was also split between San Marcos (outlet malls) and San Antonio.

Saunja said...

Okay, creeeeepy mimes. I can't stand them. They are so freaky. Like clowns.

Love the pictures of little Owen with his hat. So, so cute. And Lucy is so cute in the picture of the four of you by the birthday cake.

Sara Suman said...

Looks like a fun trip! And you'll be famous once again!

Miss Molly said...

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I thought it sounded super cool and a way to give to those in need. Let me know.

Matt Willard said...

It was a way fun weekend for us to come visit you. Thanks again for everything!