Recently, the kids learned to do somersaults. And they're both pretty good at it! I can't wait for Lucy to start her gymnastics preschool in January.
If you ever say to Owen, do a somersault! he'll drop everything and hit the ground:
nice form!
tuckered out.
The other day at the park, two teenage girls were doing round-offs and cartwheels in the field next to us. Owen looked over and saw what they were up to. He got off the park toys, ran over to them, dropped to the ground, and performed his best somersault. When he finished, the two girls stood there and applauded him. It was the cutest thing.


lyndsey said...

geez, blogging MACHINE tonight! i love it. and i love owen's skills.

Leslie said...

too funny I swear our kids would be good friends... that has been Rys biggest trick this week too.

Suman Family said...

looove owen. such a cutie.

Nicole said...

Can't wait to see that little guy, he is so stinkin CUTE!!

ForeverYou said...

It is so cool!!

Saunja said...

That is so sweet. I'm so glad the girls applauded him.