Girl's Weekend at Lake LBJ

This weekend a few girls in the ward and I headed to one of their parent's cabin on Lake LBJ (Lyndon Johnson. He's from here). The views were just gorgeous.
and the cabin was the perfect "cabin", inside:
and out:
As with all cabins, I couldn't stop admiring the kitchy decor. I spotted a totally rad lamp:
matching mug:
bizarre ottomon with pillows attached:
fishing poles in the corner:
a gnome, keeping watch over the dock:
and very cool 70s brown potholders:
It was the perfect setting for a bunch of girls to sit around all day while we chit-chatted, scrap-booked, worked on projects, listened to music, watched a few movies, and never even left the house (except to relax on the deck).
Chris and Tiffany:
Me and Tami:
Lori and Cathy (sisters FOR SURE):
Carri, Heather, and Tami:
With large windows looking out on the lake, I loved watching the sun change throughout the day. Morning:
For lunch I made my favorite Potato and Corn soup:
with braided bread (and real butter on top):
everyone loved it when I took pictures of us eating....
I got some good hours in on my felt hairclips; which means I should have enough inventory for a craft show this Wednesday night. And when dusk rolled around, I sat on the deck for an hour watching the trees turn gold and listening to the water. Very relaxing.
At some point, most of us checked in at home:
Everything seemed to be fine.
And I couldn't get over this cute cabin next door....and probably only because it was mint green.
Thanks ladies for a very fun weekend! It was so much fun getting to know you all better.


dietcokegrrl said...

Looks like a fun and relaxing time! Glad you got a chance to get away and get to know some new friends a little better.

I was thinking for next year, you should make some pumpkin clips for fall.

the bates motel said...

sounds like you had a fun time. so pretty there. i always wish we had some fun cabin to escape to. maybe one day. good luck at your dealio on wed!

Jen Suman said...

Ok, I think your friend Michelle went to high school with Jarond and I. I don't know her but I totally recognize her face.

Sounds like you had fun! What a fun little getaway!

lyndsey said...

wow, what a fun trip and perfect setting! i love that they scrapbooked :) and fun little finds around the cabin...it feels like we're playing i spy with you or something.

Nat said...

What a fun weekend! Not only did you get to spend it with girlfriends, but away from the kids!! You lucky duck. And that bread had me drooling... :)

V and Co. said...

looked like so much fun! i wish i could do that for a weekend!!! ;)

La La Land said...

Fun! Looks like the perfect weekend getaway.

Yuliya Y. said...

WOW, Dana. I dream to get away like this... Only have nobody to come with me :) (I mean girlfriends) and where to go :)
I am so happy that you had great time! You totally deserve it!

Nicole said...

What a fun getaway! It looks beautiful there.

Saunja said...

You have made a lot of good friends so fast! I'm happy for you. And glad you had such a fun getaway.

gunnfam said...

Sounds awesome, and the pictures make the "cabin" look incredible!

Jean said...

What a great vacay!! I love all the cool cabin decor too. And I LOVE your braided bread!!

Robyn said...

That's cool. I wish we could do something like that up here, but everyone is sooooo busy and has 100 kids...at least and wouldn't be able to get away. Sounds like you have some fun ladies. Maybe I should just plan it.

Becky said...

looks like it was a nice getaway. Loving those mugs...