some sewing stuff

I hate double-booking the blogs here. But I never know which readers check-in on what. So I'm plugging it here too. Just some recent sewing ventures.....
I'm participating in an online craft competition called S.Y.T.Y.C. (So You Think You're Crafty). Basically, there are 10 crafters. Each week we come up with a "craft" based on a theme. The winning crafter that week gets to post their tutorial on the site and the losing crafter is eliminated. Last week was the first week and.....MADE won! (with the Harvest Dress and Dinner for Two, above). The competition has definitely kept me busier than I planned for the holiday season. But I'm having tons of fun.

We just started WEEK TWO and the voting ends this Friday. So head over and vote for your favorite (the crafts are anonymous). The competition is tight this week, which is really fun. I tell Casey it's like a tight-scoring football game for sewers.
In other sewing news.....I was featured in a UK based publication called: SEW Magazine. So fun! When they asked if they could feature me, I couldn't respond quick enough with, Ummmm, YES! Please! You can find all the details here.
I'm really having a great time with MADE and I try to think of it like my part-time job. It keeps me energized, I'm in contact with a great network of crafters/sewers, and the readership continues to grow (which is really exciting). Of course the trick is trying to find a balance between doing my craft and making sure I give enough time to the kids. Lucy is going to start preschool when we get back in January and that will help (the guilt) a bit. I still don't know exactly where MADE will take me but there are some paths I hope to walk down. And of course, I'm still amazed at how the internet makes this all possible. How else could I become penpals with sewing moms in Denmark, Australia, Canada, even Italy? It blows my mind.
Here's to another week of SYTYC!


Nicole said...

I LOVE that little dress & the dinner for two...DARLING! What fun things you are up too. You are amazing, I hope you go as far as you desire with MADE. You have inspired so many & continue too.

devin said...

Man. You're sort of like a full-on professinal sewer. Nice work. Sell a bunch at the Unique Boutique sometime and we can all hang out in Tucson. You'd make cash and it would be a blast.

OK. back to sewing for you

Karis said...

Wow Dana! That is really awesome. It is cool how your talents have all combined into your blog. Your presentation of everything you make always looks amazing! Plus..your kids are the cutest models!

Sara Suman said...

congrats! The dress is darling, and I too love the food set. A great idea that I might have to tackle for a Christmas present!

Miriam Oh said...

Congrats dana! sooo cool!