Merry Go Round

Another day in the OC...why not?
We met up with my family at South Coast Plaza yesterday afternoon. Meredith shopped for clothes while Lucy and Jeremy ran around the beautiful tiled floor, as if it were a playground. So we decided to let them ride the Merry Go Round instead. Lucy's ridden it once before and loved it, so I knew what was coming. Here they are on the ride, enjoying it, up and down.
And here she is when we took her off.
The part of the bar where her hand is is where she was trying to climb back in, sideways. She almost fit. But we walked away kicking and screaming.
A little girl who loves her fun!

When we got back to my mom's house, my mom had a brilliant idea for the kids: stomping on bubble wrap! Lucy, Jeremy, and Chloe had a total ball popping all the little circles. She was genuinely laughing in the process.
That night we all piled in one car (or as Laura called it, "the clown car") and drove to Huntington Beach for dinner at Don Joses (our favorite mexican place). And it was yummmy. I got the cheese enchilada. Just gobs of melted cheese. Mmmmmm, boyyy.


megan said...

Dana, you have got to be the most on the go person ever! Or maybe it's just b/c you always have a camera with you when you are out and about? Or both? Either way, love your pics! Caden is the same way at the mall...he loves the carousel and throws a fit when it's time to go. I almost wish they didn't have them there sometimes...oh well :-)

dietcokegrrl said...

I agree with Megan, I LOVE that you always have the camera with you. You've inspired me to be more diligent with picture taking. I was much better with Sammy than I have been with Hannah...our third child probably won't get any pictures taken.

The Willards said...

Love the picture of Lucy crying after getting off. That is so Jacqueline too. Jillian hasn't been on one yet but hopefully we won't have the same reactions....who am I kidding, we probably will.

Don Jose...by FAR the BEST Mexican ever!!! I ate there all the time growing up, Yumm, yum. St. George got one about 8 years, not quite the same, but I still go & psych myself up for that yummy taste I so remember. So, it is pretty good.

dana said...

You guys are funny. As a matter of fact, yes...I usually have my camera right in my purse. You never know when a picture moment will arise!
And Doris, you've inspired me to be more diligent when child #2 comes along. I must capture his moments too!