Green Thumb and Golden Spoon

With family in town, there's always an excuse to go hang out in Orange County for the day. Kam and Chloe are here from utah for a few weeks. And Rachael and Brennan, although they just moved to AZ, are back to play. So Lucy and I spent Thursday and Friday with everyone at my parent's house.
Everyone went to the beach on Thursday, but since I'm not energized enough to brave it alone with Lucy, we stayed and chilled at my mom's house. Lucy has a great time in their backyard playing with all the toys and trying to spy on Chip, their turtle. My mom was busy doing what she loves...working in the garden. I thought she looked adorable in her "working" outfit and big hat, so I snapped a few pictures.
That day she was pulling weeds, planting flowers, and mowing the lawn.
When they moved into the house, the backyard was a big plot of dirt. So she had a few landscapers come out to give their opinion. And then she decided to do it all on her own. It's a beautiful yard! I'm sure many people have put in their own yards, but I've never done one so I think she's pretty amazing for making it look so beautiful.
They also have a vegetable garden with the most delicious tomatoes. They are so sweet right off the vine, almost like candy.
In the afternoon, we paid a little visit to my sister Meredith at her new place of employment, Golden Spoon yogurt. We siblings have been giving her a hard time about it (since she's 17 years old and just now getting her first job...we all worked when we were 14). But I guess that happens when you're the youngest child.
She looked real cute in her black apron, swirling the yogurt around like a pro. And she didn't even mind that I was taking pictures!
Golden Spoon has the best frozen yogurt. I wish there was a store up here. I have been dying for a yummy yogurt place (aside from 21 Choices, which has horrible parking). Maybe one day!
The rest of our stay down in OC was spent doing what we do best....chit chatting and having fun. We kept trying to watch a movie, but then we kept talking so it never happened. That's the fun about having family you enjoy being around. Cheers!


dietcokegrrl said...

Yeah, we DO need a good frozen yogurt place around here. I do like 21 choices, but it's definitely inconvenient...

I still need to try Pinkberry, but have no desire to wait in line. Maybe I'll wait until the hype dies down.

The Miller Family: said...

mmmmm golden spoon. i mean is utah joking.