When it's Hot Outside....

....Lucy and I love to go to the indoor mall toys.

On a normal day, we stay inside our house for the morning and during her nap. But by 3 in the afternoon, it is far too hot to hang out in our little house anymore. So, it's off to the mall!
She normally plays for about 45 min-1 hour on the toys. She likes climbing around, being with other kids, and she usually stops-in where I'm sitting for some watermelon bites or snacks every so often. After she's had her fill of the toys (or the mall management comes to clean them and kicks us out), we just stroll and wander the mall. Sometimes she sits in her stroller and sometimes I let her gallop and prance beside me (if you've seen the way she walks, you know what I mean). It's a great way to get out of the heat and enjoy some A/C!
Here's a good arial shot of the toy area. It's nice and open feeling:
Her favorite little bridge slide:
Another favorite: the frog. She learned to climb this one pretty quickly
And now she tries to stand on it
Apparently, she does sometimes
A couple more toys
And here's Lucy at the end of our mall adventure, watching a new batch of kids on the toys:
See ya next time!


Brittany said...

Thank goodness for free AC. I also liked taking Alexander to this play area when he was Lucy's age, but I found that the bigger kids were always trampling him down. What's up with that?

dana said...

yes. I hate it when the big kids take over and play a hard game of tag in there. Um, there is a height limit to who should be "playing" in there.
I just try to watch out for Lucy (and kindly tell the older kids to be careful of the little kids, when I can)

The Miller Family: said...

woah i wish i had the toys at your mall. ours is gay.

Suman Family said...

cute, cute pics. lucy loves them! it's been hot down here too. i'm glad there is always the mall to fall back on. i like how she is standing up on them. very daring. they look slippery.

Mike, Darci & Molly said...

AHH, the mall. I also enjoy the nice air condtionded mall. The weather has been so crazy hot I think I'm going to have to move!a]haha

Heather said...

Wow, waaay nicer than the play area at our mall!

I used to go mall-walking when it was too hot to be outside. This year, though, I just stay at home. Better that way.

(well, except for the no exercise part)

Tim & Jean said...

SO ADORABLE!!! Great pics as always. I love how you're so knowledgeable and crafty about finding fun things to do around here!