Saturday Morning Softball

Our ward/church softball team had an early game yesterday morning at 8am. So Lucy and I stopped by to cheer them on. Mostly Lucy liked playing on the bleachers and throwing spare softballs around. She dressed for the occasion and wore her little baseball hat...
...and made funny expressions
Michael was there too sporting his Dodger pride and had on the cutest new shoes!
I had to get a close-up shot.
Shannon and Danielle showed serious competition in the field.
Go team!
They won the game by a landslide. PasadeeeNAH!
After the game, Casey tried to show Lucy how to run around the bases. But she just wanted to run all over...
...and be thrown up in the air. Nice height Lucy!


Ben & Danielle said...

Thanks for the pics of Michael! Now if he will just start walking, the shoes won't be ornamental.

Casey said...

I can't believe anyone would carelessly throw their daughter in the air like that. That is completely unacceptable.

- anonymous

Casey said...

dang, I didn't think it would put my name on there.

The Paske Family said...

Casey you are funny. Matt loves to throw Ava up and of course she loves it. I wince and turn away He has been doing this throwing thing since she was very little. Lucy got great air. I can't believe you captured it on camera Dana.