Eskimo Kisses

A couple months ago my sister Meredith taught Lucy to "rub noses" and now she just loves giving Eskimo kisses! It's really quite cute. She doesn't rub her nose with just anybody. And she usually does it when she's super excited to see you, or in the morning when she wakes up (they're even better when her mouth is wide open with teeth showing).
The other day we went to a playgroup and she hadn't seen her friend Chloe for a couple weeks. So when she saw her, she got a huge smile on her face, ran over to Chloe and stuck her nose right in Chloe's face. It was adorable. She was trying to show affection. Of course, Chloe thought she was cuckoo so it was all really funny.
Another thing Lucy is in love with are animals. She has no fear of dogs and thinks they are hilarious. We had dinner at Casey's parent's house last week. His brother Chad and his wife Lauren brought their dog Otis with them and Lucy had a ball. She constantly stuck her nose in his face, trying to give him kisses. And mostly, she just wanted him to lick her face. Ew. That's not my daughter. I couldn't be more grossed out by that stuff. It was really funny to watch her though. Here she is:


The Willards said...

Very Cute!! Jacqueline and Jillian LOVE Otis too. He is a great dog too with the kids. The Eskimo kisses are so cute. Maybe we'll get one when we get out there!?!?!

Mike, Darci & Molly said...

Cute! Lacy having no fear of animals is a blessing, I have a few nieces and nefews who still hate dog, cats and anything else that moves and they are above the age 5, it can be a little annoying when they are that old.

the bates motel said...

cute vid! i love how she has no fear! sorry we didn't get to chat much, but i'll see you in a week. p.s. love the tag rag! thanks so much! also, i'm glad you survived gc. i have fun mems of back in the day (member how i went to the broom w/ you "at 6am"). that might of been yc though. anyway, fun times!