Serious Cat

My brother-in-law emailed this picture, and Casey and I couldn't stop laughing.
He looks human.
To me, he's a a human/cat computer nerd saying something like, "Yea, it's got 80 gigs of RAM." (spoken with a Kip lisp).
To Casey he says, "Well I never" (with a slight British accent).
Maybe he talks to you?


The Willards said...

To me he is Saying..."You lookin' at me, you lookin at me...why I otta.." (Robert Deniro style)

To Jeff he looks like one of "Joe-Cat's" descendants

Garrett Family said...

I can't really figure out what he's saying but he looks humanly scary. Like one of my old bosses.?

dietcokegrrl said...

THIS IS SOOOO FREAKING FUNNY!! Being the cat person that I am, I always think my kitties are human-like, but this picture is the best! I was literally laughing out loud!!

Mike, Darci & Molly said...


Tim & Jean said...

Hahaha! Cats make the funniest expressions sometimes. I love it. Excellent picture.