Stake Fair

On Saturday our Stake had their annual Stake Fair. Last year when I heard about it, I thought, "ho-hum. Sounds like hot dogs and cheap little carnival booths. Um, pass." Not very supportive, I know. But then I saw pictures on people's blogs of their kids on pony rides and more. It looked totally fun! So this year I was a team player, which is easy when there's cool stuff to look forward to. We went to the fair and had a fabulous afternoon. We even ate yummy hotdogs.
The place was so decked out. There were 6 huge jumphouses/slides (3 with water), a dunk tank, pony rides, a petting zoo, a train, cotton candy, snow cones, music, and churros!The weather was perfect in the shade but a little warm waiting in line in the sun. Good thing our George umbrella is always in the car!
Lucy was in a "tender" mood when we got there. She just didn't get enough sleep and was rather on-edge the whole day. So we tried the bounce house first (which she loved at Jeremy's bday party). But she was NOT into it. She just sat there as kids jumped around her:
And then she got knocked over and started to bawl. But....nothing a little churro can't fix! A bite for Lucy:
A bite for Dad:
Mmmmmm. Tasty....
Next we took a train ride. It was the perfect size and Lucy loved it. June Munson loved it even more and went on about 12 times but we only did it twice:
This shot turned out pretty good. Nice work dad....you even got Justin Marriott in there. Malinda Hansen and Abby rode the yellow car with us (and yes, Lucy's wearing a different outfit. Accidents just happen sometimes):
The highlight of the day was definitely the horse ride. Since Lucy was in an unpredictable mood, I wasn't sure if she'd go for the horse. But we asked her if she wanted to ride and she said "okay!". We waited in line and as we got closer she said, "my turn!" She really had fun:
She looks so tiny on that big horse:
And since it's not documented enough above, here's a 10 second video of her riding. I love when she says, "hello! hello!"

We finished our day by sitting on the shaded grass eating snow cones while Lucy danced around with the umbrella:
Well done Pasadena Stake! Thanks for the fun. We'll be coming again next year!


Jean said...

That was indeed a fun time. Our Stake totally goes all out, I love it. (I hope you're ashamed of spurning it last year, Dana. Hahaha! Totally kidding!!)

I'm excited for next year, when the Tadpole can finally enjoy some of it!! :-)

Nicole said...

That does look like a great stake fair. Lucy looks so cute on the pony. I am sorry about her little bruised face, I am glad it wasn't anything more serious or broken.

Suman Family said...

such a great idea! love it. i may need to pass the word along to our stake reps!

the bates motel said...

looks like a fun filled day! poor lucy's little face! hope it's healin up ok. fun to see you guys! see you in a few!

Camille said...

What a fun carnival! Man, they went all out. I would love to do that here in our Stake.

Lucy was SO cute on the horse and I loved the "Hello, hello." Her poor little eye/nose. It looks so much more bruised than when I saw you last. But, the swelling has definitely gone down.

Grayson Family said...

I have to ask. What happened to Lucy? I thought I might find a blog but I didn't. Her eye looks terrible. Good thing she is so cute.