El Hombre Incredible!

Last night we saw The Incredible Hulk. And it was good!I know, I know, I keep saying "I'm not an action-movie kind of person"....and really, I'm not. But finally Hollywood has figured out how to do these Comic Book/Super Hero movies: get top-notch actors in there. How much did we love Batman Begins? Loved. And Iron Man? Great stuff. Incredible Hulk? Also great (though not as good as the other two). And all because of Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr., and Edward Norton. Seriously, I enjoy all three of them.
When I first heard there was another Hulk movie coming out I rolled my eyes. Um, don't we all remember the let-down of Ang Lee's Hulk about 5 years ago? It was pretty bad. Oddly enough, going to see Hulk was mine and Casey's first official date (though we only chose that movie because Universal had a free screening on the lot). But I gotta tell you, this version is actually very entertaining.
Yes, the hulk looks CGI:
He's more incredible looking than actually human (Casey constantly argues why someone doesn't just make the hulk akin to Lou Ferrigno, but I suppose this version is truer to Marvel Comics). Basically, the Ed Norton/Liv Tyler acting is great. The writing is strong. And it's just, well, enjoyable. We originally wanted to see You Don't Mess With the Zohan. But then it got bad reviews, while this got great reviews. So we actually stepped into Zohan for 15 minutes before our movie started just to check it out. And yes, we made the better choice.

If anyone has seen this, I'd love to discuss the ending. We wondered if they added that last scene (in light of recent events). I asked my Universal story friends and they didn't see the scene in the final script, so it must have been an add-on (similar to Samuel Jackson at then end of Iron Man).
So um, yea for Action movies this summer?! Sure.


Super Kate said...

I'm so in love with Edward Norton...he can almost do nothing wrong for me acting wise. I'm very excited to see this movie.

Jean said...

Very cool. Tim and I were debating seeing this one. The action movie we're most excited for...? DARK KNIGHT!!! Can't wait. :-)

Grayson Family said...

I can't believe you went and saw this. I know you said you were not an action girl! Of course Edward Norton is a huge draw. We might just have to check it out. If a non-action girl likes it it must be good.