Flashback Friday - Meredith Graduates!

I found this picture a month ago and knew it had to be part of the Flashback Fridays. This is Meredith when she was 4 years old, the day that I graduated from Fountain Valley High School:
And here she is now!...the day she graduated from Trabuco Hills High School:
Congratulations Mere! You've certain grown up to be a beautiful person! Her graduation was on Wednesday and I think it was the hottest ceremony we've ever been too. Because the entire school parking lot is under construction, we all parked at Saddleback Church and school buses shuttled us over:
We had front row seats. Even at 6pm, the sun was going strong. Camille and my parents:
The graduation wasn't ideal for little kids. And since Lucy was asleep in the stroller, we walked over to a shady spot and waited for it to start. It took a while for all the kids to get in line:
We watched Meredith walk up there to get her certificate. And then, the heat (and the kids) had gotten to me. So we took the bus back to our car. I've never had an entire school bus to myself and Lucy had never been on one, so it was a real treat. Bye bye runnin Mustangs:
Once everyone got home we had a yummy dinner and then Meredith opened a few presents:
Laura had the brilliant idea to get her a digital camera for college this coming year. So we all went in on it and Meredith loved it! She leaves for BYU Idaho in the fall and I'm pretty sure she'll have a great time. We love you Mere! We're real proud of you!


Sara said...

those pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

lyndsey + brandon said...

how fun! yay for family high school graduations...i'm just sorry about the heat. i'm sure your sis will have a blast at byu-i...cross your fingers she doesn't get hitched by age 20 like my sister (that school does crazy things to you apparently). :)

the bates motel said...

so fun! cute pic of her in your grad outfit! it seems like yesterday she was that little! glad you guys were able to escape the heat. i heard it was a killer :)!

Camille said...

How cute is that pic of Mere in your gown and cap! And so perfect to post it with her grad pic. I love it! The heat was SO terrible!!