Fun at Gram's House

We picked up Lucy yesterday at my Mom and Dad's house and boy were we excited to see her. My mom said to call them when we were near the house and they would wait out-front for us. I only wish I had video taped Lucy's reaction when we drove up because it was too funny.
We came around the corner and rolled down our windows next to her on the curb. She started laughing hysterically over and over, clapping her hands, and wiggling her fingers. It was so great! It was as if to say, "I knew it! I knew they'd come back! I told you all so!"
It was a great welcome home.

Of course she had a great time the whole week with Gram, Papa, Mere, and the Eisenbises.
- Jeremy taught her some new words: "bow tie, GhostBusters, and Small Paul"...funny.
- Mere tried to comb Lucy's hair one day and from then on, she gave Meredith the cold shoulder. But Lucy still adores her and likes calling her "Mere Pear"
- Lucy heard Jeremy calling Camille "Mommy" and decided to start calling her that too.
- My mom went walking with Lucy 2 days in a row. It's a 45 min walk around the Mission Viejo lake and so she gave Lucy her Elmo book and it kept her entertained the entire time, for 2 days!
- Lucy created a little routine with my dad where she would hit the button to play the music on the big wheel bikes in the backyard and he would clap his hands. My dad said after 2 hours of the routine, he was pretty worn out.

As you can see she loves being with her grandparents, whether in Rancho or Simi Valley.
Here's some stuff she did this week.
Sprinklers! We've never done that at our house. Looks like she had a ball: She got to hang out in Gram's cozy loft with her puffy blankets....
...and took naps on her cozy bed:
She hung out with her favorite pet, Chip the desert tortoise. My mom stumbled upon her, checking out Chip's cage:
Think it's okay to go in?
Ah! Gram saw me! Quick, jump out!
She also hung out with Ava. Here they are at the Irvine Spectrum:And they shared a bath in the laundry room sink. Looks like fun!We're headed back there this week for Mere's graduation. I'm sure Lucy will feel right at home. Thank you everyone for taking good care of her!

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