The rest of our hot week

It was hot no matter where you went last week. So we tried to spend as much time as possible playing in the water. First, however, a stop at the McDonald's playplace. It was Jeremy's last day of school so as a treat, Camille took him and his two friends out for Happy Meals. The week while we were gone to Peru, he and his two friends spent a lot of time playing together and Lucy got to join in their fun. Since none of them have younger siblings, they found her a bit novel and started calling her nicknames. The little boy on the right came up to me here at McDonalds and very straight-forward asked, "Um, can Luce Goose come play with us?" It made me laugh:Laura and Ava joined in the fun too. Sadly, no pictures of Camille! I guess that's what happens when she's the photographer.
Later that day we went to the pool. Ava and Lucy loved the kiddie pool and had fun playing with the watering cans:Jeremy looks so old! And he just shaved his hair off this weekend! So he's a different guy than what you see here:Since it was the last day of school, the pool was ultra crowded. We went back a couple days later and it was almost empty. I guess we all had that same idea this day:The rest of the week....we played in the sprinklers (looks like Lucy's doing some jazz hands/Flashdance routine):
We climbed in buckets of water:We rode Big Wheels without clothes on:And Owen smiled at all the fun going on around him:
Once the air cooled down a bit, we spent the late afternoon sitting on the porch watching the kids play and checking out Meredith's latest invention. Her own version of wheelies. They look like Vans heels. But she drilled wheels to the bottom of her shoes. Funny:
They work pretty good!
Here comes round 2 of another hot week. We already went to the mall this morning. This afternoon, we'll go play in the water fountains.


Jean said...

I agree. IT'S HOT. A LITTLE (NO, LOT) TOO HOT. Haha! Way to stay cool, though. Tim and I tried to beat the heat this weekend by going to the mall and movies, but there is always the inevitable return to our freaking hot convection-oven car. :-P

megan said...

ok, I'm behing on your blog! You are too fast for me! I love that first pic of you and owen! Sooo cute! And looks like you guys sure know how to beat the heat! We are just idiots who go to the park and sweat ourselves to death! :-)

Grayson Family said...

I wish we lived closer. You guys always look like you are having so much fun. Even when it is well over 100 - and that is hard to do.