Busy Days

We're leaving for vacation on Saturday. I should be getting us ready. But instead we've been playing. It's much more fun that way! Here's what we've been up to.

There's nothing cuter than a bunch of girls dancing and playing together. On Monday Sherri organized our monthly pot-luck get-together at Lacy park. And usually the kids are more interested in playing on the toys than they are eating.
I did get them to pause for one moment and all say "CHEEEEEEEESE" at the same time. So cute!
Lacy park is a gorgeous place in San Marino. It's like a hidden oasis and kind of hard to find if you aren't looking for it:
Most of the adult group. Sorry Jean:
There's a huge field in the middle of the park and a walkway all around for riding bikes or jogging:
And of course the jungle gym of toys:
Darin and Sarah totally helped out with Lucy, which was great. Of course, Lucy and Chloe would have it no other way. They basically follow each other around.
The babies hung out in the stroller. Look at Fallon's teeth!
And Lucy got plenty of time for her favorite toys. I used to be scared when she climbed this thing. But she's really good at it now. I still stand there and spot her from below. But she can do it all on her own:
And her favorite rocking horse:Always fun to get together with ward friends outside of the Sunday routine.

On Tuesday we spent the morning signing-up for Story Time at the library. We're excited that so many fun friends got into the same class we'll be in. It'll be a party!
Then we headed down to Disneyland for the day. Our passes are about to go on Black-Out for the summer. So we've got to get our fun in now. We met up with Sarah/Chloe, Karla/Owen/Paige and Karla's neighbor TJ and her kids. Everyone loves the Carousel:
(Lucy's eye is almost back to normal)One more rare photo of Owen and the pacifier. To be honest, I think it may be growing on him. At night if he wakes up crying I can usually give it to him and he calms back down. Only 6 months of shoving that thing down his throat and now he'll casually entertain it:
On our drive home, we decided to detour and headed to Culver City for The Albright Sportsmen softball game (Casey and his guy friends).
The uniforms have changed this year. And so has the score board. They seem to be winning most of their games! Casey warms up:
Chaz, can it grow any longer? yes, it can. And it will:
Eric Smith gives a peppy speech (actually, I have no idea what he's doing):
Lucy and dad. For the most part she stayed near me in the bleachers and played with her toys. But every 5 mins or so she'd walk up to the chain-linked fence saying "Daddy? Daddy" She just wanted to chat. She loves her dad:
And to top off the night, we did a drive-by Jay's from the famous Run To Jays film:
And we got Tito's Tacos for dinner! Come on Tony Cannon, seriously (scroll down to his post "Carne Asada is NOT a Crime"). How can you resist that?! It's all ABOUT the cheese on top:
Fun times on the West Side.
And fun days of play. Now it's time to make 20 trips to Target (since I always seem to forget something) and do a bunch of laundry.


debra said...

Aww- Lacy Park... I love that place! It really is so pretty- we love it with all the crazy folks on the 4th of July! SO fun!

Have fun on your trip!

Gunderstruck said...

Whoa -- Eric Smith!! I had kind of forgotten about him. What is he doing now? (Please tell me it involves being an auctioneer of some sort -- he was the best ever).

lyndsey + brandon said...

YAY tito's tacos! um, that's like our favorite place EVER. and i'm totally craving it right now. mmmm.

also was that eric guy was the ym pres of the la stake a while back? i think i know him. brandon and i used to tell him he looks exactly like topher grace.

and a final note...since you are leaving on sat. you will miss the wells family debut talks in sacrament meeting. i'm sure you are heartbroken :)

the bates motel said...

looks like a fun couple of days! lucy's face looks like it's healing well. good luck packin for the trip! so much fun for you guys!

Darci said...

Is it just me or does your friend Eric look a lot like Topher Grace.? I had to take a double take.

dana said...

Yes, Eric totally does look like Topher Grace. He's gotten that for years. Shame we probably don't need two Topher Graces in the acting world. But he could play his brother!

Nicole said...

What a fun fun week! You guys have so many fun things going on all the time, it is great to read about! I think I am going to have to use your potluck dinner idea with friends, ward, neighbors etc. That sounds like a lot of fun, especially when the weather is nice now.

Have so much fun on your trip, be safe, we will miss ya! I can't wait already to see all the pictures and get a daily play by play of all the fun adventures you have.

Allison said...

I love Tito's! I don't know what kind of massive cheese grater they have in there, but why are the pieces 3x as large as a normal piece of grated cheese. And the Run to Jay's video was still the best ever production from the West Side Filmies. Loved the sequel, too.

dana said...

Allison, I couldn't agree more about the cheese! It's amazing and yummy. I want to know where they get that stuff.

Jean said...

LOL! I love how cute all the other girls look in that picture, and then how crazy, old, head-turning Jean looks. Ha! Oh well, I had a feeling it might turn out that way. I won't hold it against you. I'm always flattered to be featured on a blog, cute or... otherwise. :-)

Sounds like a fun week! Tim and I realized that we'll be blocked out of Disneyland for most of the summer, too, so we took a last-minute trip yesterday evening. Gotta cram in the fun while ya can!

Happy trip prep!! :-) Sooooo excited for ya.

Camille said...

So fun. I LOVE the picture of Lucy on the horse at the park. She looks SO cute! I'm so excited for your trip and can't wait to hear about it. Good luck packing!