Last day for Disneyland

Our Disneyland passes expired yesterday. And since Monday was a holiday, Friday was our last day to enjoy the fun. So we made it a special birthday trip and took Lucy all by herself (while Owen hung out with Grandma). We all had a great time.
First stop was the Disney Playhouse stage show:
Since her current TV shows are Little Einsteins, Tiger and Pooh, and Handy Mandy, she was seeing her favorite movie stars, live and in-person!
I know I've said this before....but if you've never been on the new Toy Story ride, you've got to try it. Super fun!
The line is a little long. But with ice cream to occupy your time, it moves quickly:
The weather was perfect and gorgeous all day.
And Lucy was star-struck again with meeting Mickey. Casey and I thought it was more entertaining however, to watch the "character wrangler". He stood next to Mickey like a secret service man, shuffling people into a line and yelling out orders about getting cameras ready and to limit the photography to one picture per family. Whoops, guess I took two:
It was Lucy's idea to go on the Rockets. I wasn't sure how she'd do since she's at the age now where certain things scare her. Um, she pretty much loved it:
She's also been into the Dumbo movie lately, so this was a big hit:
Pretty Matterhorn at dusk (we didn't ride, just gazed):
This was my first time on Small World in many, many years.
It was pretty much the same but they have added a few scenes with Disney characters. There's an Alice in Wonderland part, Toy Story, and Little Mermaid....all singing the same magically annoying song.
We finished up the day in Toon Town, hanging out in Minnie and Mickey's houses.
We said hello and goodbye to Mickey:
And that was our trip! (with some kettle korn on the way out, of course). It was a magical day in the kingdom.
We'll probably see you in a few years when Owen's a little older.


Darci said...

That is so fun! Lucky Lucy!

Saunja said...

Oh! I just LOVE that place! I miss going there!

yo nance said...

When the kids were growing up we took them to Disneyland every February over "Rodeo weekend". We have great memories of that always magical place. Bonus for you to be a California residents.

the bates motel said...

sounds like a fun little date! she looks so big in the pic of eating ice cream and hugging mickey! love that she was "star struck"! that's so cute. i'm hoping to go there in march! sad your not gonna renew!

Nat said...

What a fun day! Looks like you guys had a blast, especially cute little Lucy.
PS my verification word has an apostrophe in it! when did that start happening? they're getting creative...

Jean said...

What a perfect day. Our passes expire in April, and I'm getting sad in advance because we probably won't renew. AHH! I have to go every day until then!! Haha. But seriously. :-)

PS - I really like the new Small World! It was so fun trying to find all the Disney additions.

The Hunt House said...

Isn't it fun to just spend time with 1? What a great time!

Suman Family said...

ok- so you inspired me to take ava to the live show and give the characters a chance since i always just assume she would be scared but it was a success. she loved all of it!

i am glad that you had a great day with lucy. that is a great birthday treat. she really is looking older and taller or something. you got great pics!

lyndsey said...

what a fun birthday trip w/ one on one (two on one?) kid time! lucy looks so cute in her little beanie.

and am i hallucinating or does chloe have those cute black & white pants too?

Joe and Marci said...

So fun! What a great parent-daughter date, my kids would be a little jealous. :) Disneyland is so fun and even better with kids!

Sara said...

she looks like she is having so much fun! I can't wait until Makenna is old enough to really enjoy stuff like that!

megan said...

how FUN!! I would love to just take caden now! He is sooooo much easier to handle there these days! good times!

dietcokegrrl said...

I agree--Lucy is looking so grown up in those pics!

Glad you guys were able to have some special birthday time with Lucy. Looks like she (and you guys) had a fabulous time!!

Joel and Natalie said...

What a fun day! I can't wait until I get to do fun things like that with Lauren! So excited!