Quiet Keys and 24

Often during the day (and night) you'll find me sitting here, clanking away at these keys:
Casey will hear me typing and ask, "bloggedy, blogging over there?", which is code for, "what is all that racket???!" Can I help it if I'm a fast typer? I only worked in an office for about 10 years. To quote Casey, "Seriously, you type like you've got long nails or something. You know, kind of violent-sounding."
Well, for Christmas, I got Casey a gift the whole household will enjoy. THIS new Apple keyboard. And we LOVE it. It's super thin, like a laptop keyboard. And the keys are so much quieter. The space bar is still a little loud, so I cause a bit of clank with my blogging. But well worth the small investment. It's weird now to use any other keyboard. Our old one feels big any chunky after using this slim guy:
And since we're talking about workspaces...our family mouse pad:
I'd like to think Chloe would be proud. A co-worker gave that to me five years ago (he also gave me these strange but interesting Book of Mormon comic books. He's quirky). Basically, we're proud to be 24 nerds....and currently, the quiet kind.


Joe and Marci said...

I love the mouse pad. How do you like your Mac?

dana said...

We love our computer since mostly it's used for video creating, pictures, blogging, etc.
For multi-media stuff it's great. iPhoto, which is the photo program that comes with an Apple is awesome. I use it to touch up all of my photos.

Jean said...

Yay for a new quiet keyboard! And double yay for that sweet mousepad!! Watch out - Jack might just call you to get the satellite location of something very important. :-)

Elise said...

i really, really want that keyboard. the normal mac one is SO loud. and we too have a 24 mouse pad. haha!

megan said...

hey! we have that keyboard :-)

no mousepad though :-(

Lauren said...

So, I'm looking down at the same keyboard and I thought ours was broken because our space bar is loud, too. How weird is that?

Jen Suman said...

Ha ha! When I first started reading this post I thought, "Hey, that's the same keyboard we have. Mine's pretty quiet, I wonder why hers is noisy and ours isn't." And then I read the rest of the post. :)

Sara said...

Mark came home and was so excited about your post. We love the keyboard too! I thought we would hate it, but it is wonderful!

Saunja said...

Funny. I love the clackety clack clack sounds of typing. I'm not so sure that I would like it all quiet. But I'm so glad you are enjoying your new keyboard, sounds like lots of people love their's also!