The Queen Mary

The weather was gorgeous this weekend so we spent our Saturday outdoors. We met up with Eric, Laura, and Ava in Long Beach to tour The Queen Mary. Normal admission price is $25 (whaaaat?) but the whole month of January was free!
It was definitely a mix of fun and child-wrangling all afternoon. Since we went on the last day of the month, it was especially crowded. And since it's an old boat, it isn't the most kid-friendly. Owen wanted to wander anywhere and everywhere. We tried to reel him in, but this pretty much sums up our afternoon:

and this:
on the bright-side, the kids had fun climbing on rails:
and playing in the old cabin bunks (if you zoom-in, you'll find a fabulous green-crusted Owen nose. It's been running for a week straight and I just can't keep it clean. I've actually rubbed his upper lip raw and it started bleeding here on the boat. Sorry little guy)
Lucy's new obsession these days is to suck on her fingers. Um, is she my 1 year old or is Owen?
I'm constantly asking her to take her fingers out of her mouth, which is what happened here. And then she did this, ("what? what are you talking about? I wasn't doing anything"):There was a gorgeous view of the water and bay from the top deck:
And Lucy was free to dance:
and dance:
Not worth 25 bucks. But definitely worth a fun afternoon with fun family (and a trip to Chipotle beforehand):On our drive home on the 110, we got a great view of the LA skyline. Seems funny, but there's no good place to get this view except on the freeway. The 5 has a nice scene too.
We lovvvvvve LA (most of the time):


Jean said...

What a fun outing!! We heard about the free admission too, but didn't end up going since it sounded like we'd have to hold Weston the ENTIRE time. But it looks like you all had a great time! Hooray!! Great shot of L.A.!

Saunja said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon. I'm loving that warm weather you've got. Lucy is dang cute in her dancing pictures.

Camille said...

I can't believe that it's $25 for the tour! Sounds like a crazy but fun day. Poor Owen's nose....that sounds so miserable. You got some nice pictures.

lyndsey said...

what a pretty day! i love lucy's little brown skirt too...perfect for dancing.

and WORD on the skyline. i've tried to get that shot so many times (esp at sunset) but i usually miss b/c i'm trying not to crash my car :) good job!

dietcokegrrl said...

I still can't believe they charge $25 for admission. CRAZY.

LOVE all the pictures--it was a beautiful day! My favorite are the pics of Lucy dancing! So cute!

Sorry you had so much kids carrying duty though...lame stairs.

And I'm with Lyndsey, LOVE the skyline pic...I'm usually driving (unless we're going to a Clippers game but then it's nighttime), so I've never been able to take the pic. Nice job!

Nicole said...

Sounds like a great afternoon. I am so envious of the warm weather!!

the bates motel said...

sounds like a fun outing! cute pics of all you guys. and funny that lucy has been sucking on her fingers carter has started to do that a little. and it grosses me out. hello how dirty are you hands!

sachia said...

My fav picture is Owen trying to grab Casey's glasses. I love aaction shots like that. Glad you took advantage of this and the kids seem to do great. Dressed darling as usual!

Linsey said...

Looks like a nice day -- creative too.

By the way, try Lasinoh for Owen's nose, it doesn't rub off like vaseline and it goes a long way towards keeping the chafing and rawness at bay. I know it sounds weird, considering what it is actually for, but we're talking about sensitive body parts so it makes sense.

Sara said...

Fun pictures. I can't believe they can charge 25 bucks for that normally though! I hope Owen is feeling better by now

Super Kate said...

I've always wanted to do that tour, but 25 bones...no thanks. I'll remember that for next year, thanks Dana.