When 6:45 rolls around

Lucy rarely naps anymore (because then she's up till 10pm). She does pretty well though and often hits that second wind right around bedtime...and starts jumping off the walls. Tonight however, went something like this:
L: "I want to watch my show!"
Me: "Nope, it's time for stories and then time for bed."
L: "I don't want books!"
Me: "Okay, then you can just go to bed without reading any books."
- no comment -
- more crying-
Walks into her room and exclaims, "I want to go to bed!"
Climbs in her bed and pulls up her blanket.
(in between sobs), "Can you turn off the light please?"
"Where's my rag?"

And, scene.
Both kids are in bed, asleep, and it's 7pm. What a wonderful night!


The Facks of Life said...

When they stop napping 7 pm is the magic bedtime. Sigh, I love early bedtime.

Darci said...

I love it when that happens!

megan said...

can't wait to witness a day like that!

and love the pic!

Lexie & Sharrid said...

Yep, we are doing the same thing. Marce doesn't nap anymore and he goes down about 7:30, maybe 8. Phoenix has a hard time even making it to 7:30 some nights. Of course, they are up earlier...

dietcokegrrl said...

YAY for you! Impressive considering Owen napped until 3:30...AND since Casey is out with the guys, you have the whole night to yourself!! Fun!

The baby has seriously been asleep ALL DAY--I hope that doesn't mean we will be up all night. I am soooooo tired.

Suman Family said...

i love that pic of lucy. she looks so old! i swear ava is trying to give up her naps and i am freaking out about it! i am glad it's working out for you guys though!

Jean said...

Hooray early night!! I'm glad that Lucy's grumpy reply was perfectly in line with your goal. :-) She looks so cute in that little cardigan!!

Becky said...

We are in the same boat. Katie is for the most part done with napping. Every so often she falls asleep on the couch in the middle of the day and I feel bad trying to wake her up -- but I know I'll in for it that evening.

Sara said...

That's gotta be so nice! Lucy's picture is adorable, even if she was in a not so good mood!