The January/February Mondays

Just when you think the Christmas vacation fun has come to an end, January and February roll around and you get a couple 3-day weekends! I forgot to post these pictures from our Martin Luther King weekend, so here's a combo post. Here's what we did on those special January/February Mondays.

We hung out with Grandma for the day, went out to lunch, and stopped at the park to feed the ducks.
It was super windy but we made the most of it and had a great time.
Owen's pants got wet, so he got to wear Lucy's milk pants (better than the skirt option he could have worn).
We love hanging out with Grandma Willard. She adores Lucy and Owen and just soaks up all the stuff they're up to. She makes us feel #1 when we're there. Thanks!
One piece for the ducks, one piece for Lucy.
For President's Day it was rainy, rainy, rainy. We spent the morning inside playing with toys while Owen napped. By noon, I was going stir-crazy so we went out for lunch to...(shocker) Chipotle. It wasn't very busy inside but since it was raining, none of their outdoor seating was available. There were NO seats inside and no one was near finishing their food. So we got it to go and ate in our make-shift diner at home. What a kooky family:
We also discovered that Owen likes Guacamole, just like his sister. That makes 3:1 Guac lovers in the house.
After lunch, our friends Sammy and Hannah came over because Doris was having her baby! Exciting! (she had a little girl). The rain had stopped so we let them run around in the backyard. The three kids play real well together. And they made this little game of looking in the big puddle, pretending to see a fish, acting scared...
and then running away:
Fun little kids.
And those are our Mondays. I guess the next holiday isn't till....Memorial Day? That's a long way off. Good thing the life of a mom is always full of trips to the park and hanging out with friends. We're blessed to have such fun family and friends around us.


Fernando said...

Unfortunately, I don't have those two 3-day weekends...Exxon gives us two floating holidays instead to use at our leisure. However, it sounds like you guys had a fun time.

Glad to hear Owen loves guac...so good!

Wendi said...

How fun! Mmmm... Chipotle sounds delish right about now.

yo nance said...

Lucy's photos always make her look like a child model. So adorable...and she is not even my grand child. Are the cute photos the "fault" of the photographer, the camera, or the child?

Saunja said...

Wow, Owen's loving the guac? Impressive! His face in the second guac picture is adorable. Made me laugh.

Jean said...

Awww, what cute pictures!! I love the one of Lucy with the bread. And I think that Casey might be an 80-year-old man in a 30-year-old's body. :-) (haha, j/k!)

Sara said...

I love the three day weekends. Mark was home on Monday and it was nice. It looks like you guys had lots of fun too!

megan said...

what a fun weekend!! I always forget how much fun feeding the ducks is! and I love the last 3 pics of all of them...doris is going to love those!

Elise said...

all these all with your new camera?! the picture quality is so great. the pictures of the kids are perfect.

i want one ever more.

dietcokegrrl said...

I'm finally catching up on my Google Reader...

I love the pics of Lucy eating the duck bread and Owen eating the guacamole. Mmmmmmmm guacamole...my fave! I can't believe you don't like avocados.

And I, of course, love the pics of the kids playing outside. You got some great shots and I'm glad they had such a good time after the drama when we dropped them off.

Thanks again for watching them for me. :)