If anyone remembers, I hate the word verification letters.
But today I had to add them to my comments section. Three times now, I've discovered 25 new emails in my inbox (aka, blog comments from random spam computers, written in very cryptic English, such as "Good Blog, I think I want to find me, I will tell my other friends, on all
fishing net factory " Um, what the?). I'm sick of going back and deleting the comments on my blog, post by post. Thus, you all get to leave the annoying letters on my blog.


lyndsey said...

ha! i HATE those random messages. good move; i don't mind typing in the extra letters.
and btw every time i see a super long word verification (which has been a lot lately) i totally think "dana would love to see this" :)

Saunja said...

No biggie. Well, actually, I can't stand those letters also. I've never had those random comments. Maybe it's because our blog is private? Weird to get random comments. Huh.

Jean said...

Yes, I do remember your hatred of word verifications, haha! But it's a lot better this way. Hopefully no more spammers!

Sara said...

that's hilarious. Every time I have to put the letters in I totally think of your post- still. BTW, my word verification right now is "haired" nice.