a pleasant saturday

Casey might disagree with my post title. Lucy was actually quite a pill all day and we spent many hours in the car driving from LA to Orange County, around, and back up. We were both a little on edge with cranky kids. But at the end of it all I thought, ah....that was a pleasant day!

First, I met my two fun girlfriends for breakfast. I haven't seen them in years and it was nice to catch up (more on that in another post).

Second, we met our niece Leah. She was born on Friday at 5pm and here she is just 23 hours old. What a cutie:
Gorgeous mom:
Good looking Dad:
Welcome to the World Leah! She already seems excited about it.
Third, we got ice cream at Rite Aid. We were stuck in HORRIBLE traffic on Newport Blvd. It was going to take 45 minutes to go 1 mile, so we got off and had treats instead. My choice of course:
Casey had something fruity, and the kids had chocolate:
While we sat there, an employee from Mother's Kitchen next door stopped by and whadaya know.....he was a balloon artist! So he sat there with us for 15 minutes making cool balloon animals and swords for the kids. They loved it. Yippee!
Fourth, we stopped at an awesome park I haven't been to since I was a kid: Tewinkle Park. I remembered it being great....but often our childish eyes are bigger than our adult realization. This place, however, did NOT disappoint! It's a huge park with beautiful lakes, bridges, waterfalls, ducks and geese. There's a large hill in the middle for climbing, riding bikes, etc. There are volleyball courts, a skate park, and a huge play structure for kids. Lucy could have stayed for another hour. If you're ever in Costa Mesa, check it out! It's near the OC Fairgrounds.

Fifth, we drove home with a sleeping Owen and a peaceful toy-playing Lucy. We had salad and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and watched Flash of Genius.
What a fabulous movie. There's wasn't much hype on this film, so I'll give my hype to it now. RENT IT! We loved it. Based on a true story; Greg Kinear; and a great look at the human spirit and how we deal with life's curve balls. Get it this weekend! (in between your patriotic celebrations).

And there you go. Definitely a pleasant Saturday.


Joe and Marci said...

Wow, what a cute baby! She's definitely got Suman in her, she looks a lot like your kids! It does sound like a very pleasant day :)

Nicole said...

What a great day. Congrats to your brother & SIL. That little one is a cutie!

Becky said...

so glad to hear you made the best of LA traffic. It can really get to you if you let it. I think I will definitely consider ice cream next time...

Saunja said...

Love that little Leah. Can't wait to see her in person!

And that movie sounds good, we'll check it out.

dietcokegrrl said...

Nice day indeed! Gotta love Thrifty's ice cream...although no Chocolate Malted Crunch for you? It's my standard, but you already knew that. :)

Glad you found a fun park too! YAY for a fun Saturday!

Sara said...

that ice cream looks so good. And Leah is darling! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

B Brown said...

Ice cream can fix anything :) Smart to pull over for treats instead.

theleguis said...

i totally want to see that glad to hear it is as good as it looks.

Nat said...

What an adorable little baby!! It's so funny to see a newborn, it's mind-boggling to even think our "babies" were once that small.
Ice cream seriously is the cure-all. Fun day!

lyndsey said...

fun saturday -- what a cute new niece! choc mint is my fave too...and thanks for the movie recommendation. adding to netflix now.