the 3rd of July

The upside to July 4th falling on a weekend is that most companies throw in an extra vacation during the week. So we took full advantage of that and had a day-trip outing, just me and Casey, to Santa Barbara.

We started the day like this, making waffles at Grandma and Grandpa's house:
Lucy loves to help with anything in the kitchen these days (and of course Owen has to follow suit):
We did a quick photoshoot for her 4th of July dress:
...while Owen rolled around on the floor. You can tell we live in a house without carpet because he loves to do this whenever he gets the chance.
Then we left the kids with Parry and Linda and drove up the coast:
We first stopped in Ventura, hitting up their great Thrift Shops (and I ran into a fun blogging friend Jenn of Ambrosia Girl. Strange to meet a virtual friend in person. And funny that we both recognized each other on the street)
Then we continued up the coast past these beautiful cliffs:
and this cool car (reminded me of old Hollywood California):
And we stopped in Santa Barbara, which always feels like a nod to the older days of California living. Simple yet stylish, quaint, full of beach dwellers. It's a big town with a small town vibe.
We first got lunch: (when on vacation, we feel like sell-outs eating at chain establishments, but MAN those burgers smelled so good. Sadly the onion rings weren't as tasty as they look).

We walked the streets:
We saw plenty of homeless guys:
We spent an hour or so in Borders reading whatever we felt like:
and watching this confused bird find his way out of the store:
it was pretty funny and sad at the same time.
Casey got some "Real" Hawaiian Ice (which was nowhere as good as the "Real" stuff we had in Maui). And I had Coldstone.
We checked out the local skate park:
We found this bus where they hang out afterward:
And we just had a ton of fun hanging out together. It was the perfect, non-agenda, relaxing, day on foot.
And when we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's house...Jeff, Nicole, and their cute kids were in town for the holiday. So we got to play with adorable Harrison:
while Lucy danced and sat around with Jacqueline (Jilly was sleeping):
We're glad we got to see you guys for a few moments!

Later that night we drove from Casey's parent's house down to my parent's house where the party continued. But more on that in the next post.....


Nicole said...

GReat pics! What a fun day in Santa Barbara. I love it there too. I love how relaxing it looked and no agenda, just walked and stopped where you wanted too. It was fun to see you guys too!

dietcokegrrl said...

YAY for a no-agenda-sans-kids outing!! Looks like you guys had a fun relaxing time, and so funny you ran into (and recognized) a blogger friend.

Jean said...

Great fun!! Sounds like a wonderful pre-holiday holiday. I always love the plethora of pictures. Even the homeless guys make for really nice pictures, thanks to your mad skillz!!

Diane said...

We were in Santa Barbara the same day. But I was coaching at a swim meet. Not as fun!

JENNILLE said...

Hey, call us when you're in OC next! We'd love to see you guys.

Julie Lloyd said...

we totally need a break like that! thanks for the inspiration.

La La Land said...

Oh how I love Santa Barbara. Best Mexican Restaurant in the world is there. I am so jealous of your day without kids or agenda!!!

Becky said...

sounds like a really nice and leisurely day! Funny you ran into Jenn. Did you find anything worthwhile in the thrift shops?

Michaela said...

Santa Barbara is such and awesome city! What a great way to spend the day. Great pics! That local skate park is probably my favorite spot is SB. I love watching those skinny little boys do there thing. Next time you go you will have to eat at this great Mexican Restaurant. I think it's called Rose's Cafe...?

Grayson Family said...

I love days like this. I wish they happened more frequently. Of course then I probably wouldn't appreciate them as much. (Yes I would!)

Saunja said...

Oooh, that looks like a really fun, relaxing day. I'm glad you and Casey got to do that.