Eaton Canyon

Last week, once the afternoon heat wore off (slightly) the kids and I ventured to Eaton Canyon.
When we came to the canyon in March, the kids really wanted to play in the small stream. But it was cold and so I thought the summer time would be the perfect time to wade in the water. Well, the summer heat also dried up the entire stream. So we found this instead:
Lucy was pretty bummed but she quickly found joy in playing with rocks:
and running up and down this hill:
Lucy's new thing is walking backwards. Not sure this was the best place for that (since Owen totally ate it running the down the hill) but she did okay:
While the kids played in the dirt, I played with my camera, saw some butterflies....
and soaked in all the pretty scenery.
and of course, had a great time watching the kids run around together. They were being super silly and making each other laugh:
We finished off the evening by picking up Casey at the train station (I let the kids get out and we waited on the platform). Then we made homemade pizza for dinner. We love summer evenings like these!


Sara said...

The picture of them running towards the camera is so so cute! What a fun outing despite the lack of water and a bump on the head!

Nicole said...

I just love that canyon you go to. It looks like such a pretty place. They kids look like they have such a fun time together.

dietcokegrrl said...

Fun outing--we'll have to join you one of these times!

Joe and Marci said...

Those laughing pictures are priceless!! They look like the best of friends, what a fun day!

jade said...

ha! look at the dress!!! makena also wears hers for days on end. i had to go back and get the blue one too. :)

megan said...

it does look like fun! and they don't even look like the heat is bothering them.
can i have that dress lucy is wearing in my size? why don't they make such cute things for us?!

Grayson Family said...

You take great pictures. What a fun time.