KJ's party and the girls

Added to the list of "people I will miss" are my fun girlfriends that I met about 8 years ago in the LA single's ward. There are many of us still in the area and I get to see them fairly often, which is a treat. On this occassion we were celebrating, Kristen Johnson:
(photo by the talented Jennie Doezie)

I love this lady. She is high energy, super creative, great sense of humor, a human encyclopedia for anything 80s, and someone I can talk to for hours. We had a party at Jennie's house to celebrate her birthday; and it was perfectly Kristen. It was girly girl, with good friends, delicious food, and cute decor. Jennie's house is somewhere I always love to hang out:
Jennie the hottie hostess, prepping dessert:
And here's the whole bunch of us. I really love these girls! (along with many who weren't there). I feel like they totally get me and I can be Dana-Default around them. From left to right: Me, Eva, Kris Kane (who's having a baby in a month!), Kristen, Kristy (in front), Stacy Keysor, Erica (who just had a baby), and Jennie:
We were told to wear a fun party dress. So I made this for the occasion.
We feasted on fabulous food (anything with mac 'n cheese is automatically fabulous)
Drank from an array of Trader Joe's sparkly juices:
Had amazing desserts:
and enjoyed KJ!
Sorry Erica, but this picture was too cute; I had to post. I'm pretty sure you're saying something like, "are you really getting that close with your camera?"
okay, that's better:
Erica's cute shoes:
Happy Birthday Kristen!
I will miss the special chances to hang out with you ladies (especially since it often involves food). I guess it's time to join Facebook, since that's where most of you reside. See you online!


Erica said...

Oh, Dana, what will we ever do without you?? I'm sure I speak for all the girls when I say... WE'LL MISS YOU DANA WILLARD!!!

Camille said...

oh, what a fun time w/your girlfriends! Fun to be able to get together still. Cute dress....you just whipped that up for the party. You're such an awesome sower. I'll be waiting for that F.B. invite!!

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh! Nicest post ever!!!! We ADORE you Dana and I know I'm SUPER excited for my pending trip to Austin!!!

Suman Family said...

fun girlfriends! cute dress. fab party. looks like lots of fun.

dietcokegrrl said...

What a pretty house and fun time with all your friends. Glad you could all get together one last time before you move. **sniff sniff**

I'm with Camille...I'll be waiting for that facebook invite (or will you just reactivate your account so all your friends from before will already be there?)