waiting for the train

One of favorite end-of-the-day activities is to pick up Casey at the Sierra Madre train station. There's a station closer to our house but this one has parking and the kids love getting out and walking on the platform to find him. With Lucy involved, of course, there's a specific routine.
On this particular night I wanted to get photos of Lucy in her shortie outfit and I needed pics of myself for some PR type stuff. So I brought the camera along. Here's how our typical outing goes.....

We MUST park on the top level. I did this once and so, the top level it is from here on out. I guess she likes being out in the open air!
We then take the elevator down to the 4th floor for the tunnel/bridge that crosses over the freeway.
And if someone happens to drop their change, Lucy and Owen are entertained for 30 minutes:
The tunnel is their favorite part. Lucy acts silly:
And then they chase each other down to the end:
Down on the platform (which is an island in the middle of crazy freeway traffic on both sides), they often swing from the rails:
sit on the benches:
and climb on the dirty stairs: (I should care right? I just pretend it's fine and that no bums have peed on there)
And when dad gets off the train, he takes pictures of the three of us!
thanks for being a playground, Sierra Madre station.
We promise to stay behind your yellow line, so no one gets hurt.


Camille said...

oh....such cute pictures!!

dietcokegrrl said...

What a great post! Sammy and Hannah LOVE the SM station as well and love to go there with their Dad.

LOVE LOVE LOVE how all the pictures turned out. I think my fave is the one of Owen on the bench.

Nicole said...

Oh, I just love all your pictures. What a fun family tradition. It will be fun to make new adventures and traditions & fun for us to read about them!

Leslie said...

oh pure sweetness..
and love the picture of you and your mini man... I can just see how much you adore them... such a fun peek at day to day life for you.

Jean said...

These pictures are so cute!!! I don't know why, but I love the one of Owen on the bench. Casey must love that you guys meet him there!!

lyndsey said...

wow! you are ALL over the blogging now -- love it! these pics are so cute. isn't it funny that once you know you're moving, you want to document all these routine parts of life? well maybe that's not why you did this, but that's how i felt before we left :) that pic of the station/freeway makes me nostalgic.

owen looks so old to me! and this post made me laugh out loud -- don't worry, i'm sure bum pee isn't bad for the kids.

Kate said...

wow...pr photos, aren't you fancy?

Becky said...

cute, cute pics of the kids. Funny, my parents live in Sierra Madre, so I know that town well!

Saunja said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one of Owen reaccccchhhhhing up on his tiptoes to push the elevator button.

Kayli said...

Adorable, every last piece of this post. Your kids are such cutie-heads.