pasadena moms

We have been so blessed to have a wonderful group of friends (both moms and kids) here in Pasadena. I'm truly going to miss these fabulous ladies and just pray that I can find one fun friend in our new town! (pictured above: me and Owen with Natalie and Lauren, Laura Daines and Charlie, and June)

To celebrate our moving we had one last pool party hurrah. Sachia has opened her pool to everyone all summer long and we LOVE her for it. What a group:
Anyone else at the pool often seems annoyed with our noise. Oh well. A pool is always more fun with kids. And this pool is the best because it's shallow and completely lined on both sides with stairs. Perfect for kids. We were missing a few of the regulars but here are the fun people we get to hang out with.....

Sachia and Sienna :
Lauren and Kate (with her other twin, Ethan, below. Cute to snap just a mom/daughter pic):

Ethan, after eating strawberries:
sweet June:
Diane, Erica, and baby Wesley:
More Welsey, just hanging out and trying to hold his head up! Strong boy!
Shelley and Jett:
Karla with Owen and Paige:
hard to get them all smiling at once. Darling family.
Krista and Liv:
and her cute, cute Ally. I will forever be jealous of her curls!
Lucy, having her post-swim cookies (part of her swimming routine):
Danielle and Michael, in action:
Erica and June:
Sherri with Grace and Eliza:
Her girls were so cold that they snuggled under the towel. So funny:
cute girls:
and what a ham! My camera came near and she cheesed it up. Love it. Work it.
Me and Owen with Karla and her kids. How awesome is Sienna's hair??
And the only cool thing about getting cleaned up after swimming is.....snacks with friends:
and watching for trains! The pool is on top of the apartment complex, overlooking the Del Mar Train Station. So every 7 minutes, the kids jump up and down as the train comes in for a stop.
Thank you wonderful ladies for being our friends and making us feel loved! Hooray for blogs so we can continue to peek in on your lives. We will truly miss all of you (and the others not pictured here too). You are a fabulous group!


Kate said...

off topic, but i've never seen anyone tie a knot in the noodle...genius!

lyndsey said...

fun last pool party! and um, depressing -- there are already people there i don't recognize :(

sachia is the best for always giving us a great place to play!

The Hunt House said...

Fun times. I'm glad you got these shots. You'll have them forever. We'll miss miss miss you and your white headed sweeties.

Bryan D. Eisenbise, Esq. said...

That's a fun pool and so nice of your friend to let everyone come and use it. Cute shots of all the friends and kids. I'm sure you'll miss everyone!

Camille said...

Sorry, that last comment was from me.

La La Land said...

Looks like another great pool party at Sachia's. Always a good time, and as always, so sad I missed out!

sachia said...

Ok these are the best pool pictures ever! I loved how you did the panoramic pool shot with everyone in it, the pool looks like it's glowing. Dana-that was so fun. You will be missed.

Also, thanks for letting me borrow all the baby stuff when Sienna was brand new...you were a life saver!

dietcokegrrl said...

awww, so sorry I missed this! The one vacation I take in a year and it's during your good-bye party!

Looks like a fun time, as always.