slowly, we're packing

You can see the moving boxes! Of course.....they're empty. But hey, we still have a week till the truck arrives. We have accomplished to: get rid of all our junk, organize the garage and closets, play with toys (with war wounds from falling down on the sidewalk):
color with markers:
and sell plenty of things on Craigslist. I finally sold these last night to a girl with a Jetta. I still have no idea how she fit them in there.
They came with the dining room table I bought (which is almost done and looking beautiful) but the chairs weren't really my style. Oh well, someone will love them. The beauty of Craigslist!


Nicole said...

Cute pics of the kiddos. I still can't believe you are only 1 week away from moving. I hated packing, so you are doing it the right way, taking it in stride!
(What happened to Owen? Poor little guy)

lyndsey said...

ouch! nice shiner owen :(

Saunja said...

And what happened to Owen's forehead and nose?

Camille said...

Wow, it's looking official! (as if it wasn't already, haah.) Is that a new scrape on Owen's faces or did he re-scratch again? I don't remember it being that big. Poor guy!

sachia said...

I used to own a jetta...the trunk space is incredible. Easy fit.