the sun was orange today

I wondered if there was a nuclear blast somewhere nearby. Everything was tinted a strange golden orange. But it didn't stop us from getting out. We have been loving the cooler summer weather this week. Mid-80s! Nice.

We started out at Travel Town with Doris and her kids. Every time I go there it's roasting, so it was nice to feel a cooler breeze.
Even though I took 15 versions of this picture, this was the best shot I got. In a strange way though it reflects each of their personalities beautifully. Lucy, Sammy (sans the casts! congrats!), Hannah, and Owen:
We finished up the outing at In N Out. But no pics of that circus. We're always lucky to make it out alive.
In the orange afternoon, we played in the backyard:
Inspected a fresh wound:
Decided we were okay:
and ate mini ice cream cones!
A few photo observations as of late.....
1. Owen often has a scab on his face.
2. He looks like the Devil from time to time.
3. Finger-in-nose is his favorite pastime.
4. And Lucy's new thing is to get as close to my lens as possible.
Who needs a fish-eye lens when I can get this?!
What an orangey summer day. We enjoyed your nuclear rays!
btw, the mini ice cream cones are fabulous. I've seen them at Walmart and every once in a while at Target. Pick some up!


Jean said...

Yeah, the light was so weird today!! I need to go to Travel Town again - I haven't been in a really long time, and I think Weston would really appreciate it now. Those mini cones are darling and so yummy-looking!

Nicole said...

Those mini ice cream cones do look great! Cute pictures of the kids, I love the pics you are taking, they are great!

Becky said...

It was like that up here too -- very Apocalypse Now. There is a fire in the far NE corner of SB County and I thought that was what it was from, but maybe it was just a weird So Cal thing.

dietcokegrrl said...

That group shot turned out pretty funny and so true about personalities. LOVE the artsy shot of the trains gears.

And yes, we ARE lucky to get out of In-n-Out alive with our crew--that's for sure!!

Fun time--glad we went!

the bates motel said...

sounds like a fun day. cute pics of the kids too. owen is looking big and old! and love lucy's sun dress is that a dress version of your "shortie". p.s. congrats on the nom. i voted a few times!

Robyn said...

Darling Kiddos. I love your style and all your clothes for the kids.