Camille's Sunday Night Birthday

Whenever there's a birthday in the family, the tradition is to have Sunday night dinner and cake at my parent's house. With so many people around, there's always a reason to celebrate!
Last night we said Happy Birthday to my sister Camille, who just turned 33. Woohoo! We're all creeping into our mid-30s. Crazy to think. Here are some highlights from the night.
Grandpa likes to make Lucy laugh:
My mom made a yummy Carrot Cake. mmmm. You never need a real reason to make that, other than...it's freaking good!
Here's the birthday girl, with her 5 year old son Jeremy. Jeremy just started Kindergarten this year and just keeps growing up!
Some of the enthusiastic guests. (probably talking about how Prison Break sucks and how great Friday Night Lights is.)
Camille's big gift from Bryan and Jeremy was a Miter Saw. Yep, she's a girl with a heart for Home Depot. She's very artistic and creative. So I'm sure she'll find great uses for her new tool. Lucy and Ava, of course thought the box was the best part of the gift and spent a 1/2 hour playing in it. They were making us all laugh.
Happy Happy Birthday! I guess Uncle Rich is next....then on to the November extravaganza of birthdays. Woohoo! (that includes Casey and me)

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The Willards said...

I love the cute pictures of Lucy in the box! So nice having family so close to celebrate all the fun occasions I bet.