Morning at The Paseo

Lucy has started taking her nap later in the day now, around 12:30pm (or 2pm today. sheesh) So we've been finding more things to do in the morning to keep her entertained. We started a new Parent Ed. class through Pasadena College which we went to yesterday and she loved it. It's kinda like nursery at church, only I'm there with her the whole time. We meet at a Methodist Church, which has great playground and toy equipment, from 9am to 11:30 once a week. The kids play on the playground, color with markers, shovel bird seed, do singing time, snack time, and then the parents have a discussion time to talk about a variety of Parenting topics. It's kind of like Pre-Pre-school. I think she and I will enjoy it for the next few months.

For this morning's activity we headed to The Paseo on Colorado to check out the fountains Jenn Hicks told me about. I'd never been to that shopping area before, so it seemed like the perfect time....on a hot day. I called Jenn to see if she and Payton wanted to join us and they did!
Both little girls had fun playing in and dodging the fountains. Lucy, our little water girl, actually surprised me and did NOT want to touch the spraying water. I thought for sure she would be drenched by the time we left. But this was what both girls spent the hour doing...prancing around the watery surface:
...waiting for the water to shoot out:
...and then quick! Run for it!
They were so funny together acting afraid of the big water spouts. Lucy was totally happy when she found a big rock to climb on and did that over and over and over again.
Payton was lucky enough to take two big hits from the spraying water. I WISH we had pictures of the water spouting up on her little body. It was actually quite funny. But she wasn't as amused as we were. Here's her worried face.
I guess Lucy looked a little worried too.
Great way to cool off in the morning!


Jenn said...

Wow you are fast! We should definitely go again. It was fun. Next time I will bring the towel so that Lucy will get drenched! ;)

the bates motel said...

that sounds fun. carter never really likes those water things, although he was into it at the zoo. fun mom and me class too! i want to find something like that out here.

The Willards said...

What a great Pre pre School. I would love somethinglike that out here for Jacqueline & Jillian. Hmmm, will have to look into that. How fun for you guys!

Darci said...

That Pre-school sounds fun. I love the Paseo fountain. When I was pregnant we walked the Paseo often and there was always kids playing in it. So fun!

Heather said...

How fun!
I keep meaning to sign up for the parent ed class at GCC. I just never seem to actually do it. I'm glad you did.