Favorite Summer Pics

Because I don't post enough pictures of Lucy....I just had to put these ones up. Two of Lucy's favorite things: getting wet and playing with shoes.
These are my favorite summer pics.
Grandma's CrocsCute little bubble butt
Cool Whip containers make the best hats.


the bates motel said...

cute pics! love her little face.

Suman Family said...

way cute! looks like a fun summer.

The Willards said...

We LOVE the Summer Fav's Pic's of Lucy. It has been fun seeing all your fun summer activities and Lucy's fun beach experiences. It is a bit sad to see summer come to an end!!!

Darci said...

Those are some cute pic. She sure is a cutie!

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE the Cool Whip container--she sure knows how to accessorize!

You've taught her well Dana!